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ICITAP Assembles Panel of Experts to Discuss the Value of Forensics

On April 8, the ICITAP Forensics Team hosted more than 300 participants for an informative webinar entitled the Value of Forensics. The webinar explored the systemic benefits to be gained by investing in forensic science.  An expert panel consisting of an economist from Texas A&M University, a management professor from West Virginia University and an attorney from RAND Corporation discussed their research on the various ways forensic science adds value the criminal justice system though a positive impact on crime rates and an independent role in the investigative process.  The first speaker presented her research on the impact of a change in DNA database legislation on reducing crime rates in Demark and the potential offenders that are most likely to be deterred in committing future crimes.  The second speaker focused on the significant return on investment through prevented future crimes that can be obtained by processing sexual assault kits and catching serial offenders earlier.  His talk also addressed how management can use business statistics to optimize the efficiency of their laboratory to maximize their efficiency. Finally, the last speaker touched on the intangible societal benefits of independent forensic analysis.  A recording of the webinar can be found here.

Updated August 11, 2023