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ICITAP Attends the 152nd Annual American Corrections Association Conference

From August 4 to August 7, a four-person ICITAP HQ team accompanied four international delegations to the 152nd Annual American Corrections Association (ACA) conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. ICITAP delegates from the Maldives, Bangladesh, Kosovo, and Indonesia were represented, together with ICITAP Corrections Advisors from Indonesia and Bangladesh, and the ICITAP-Bangladesh Deputy Law Enforcement Assistance Attaché. The delegates attended a spectrum of corrections-related workshops and public engagements with notable speakers. They also had an opportunity to share their experience with corrections professionals from around the world. ICITAP delegation also met with ACA leadership and was recognized during general assembly as one of international delegations attending the Conference.  On Friday August 5, the Indonesia delegation attended a prison tour for the Orleans Parish Jail that was tailored to the program’s pre-trial detention component, while on August 6, the rest of the group (Maldives, Bangladesh, and Kosovo) attended a private tour of the Rayburn Correctional Center to observe best practices and compare operations with their correctional institutions. To encourage regional collaboration, ICITAP organized an internal meeting for delegates to present their corrections system, and exchange best practices and innovative solutions to common challenges. During this meeting, ICITAP Corrections Advisors also provided briefings and overviews on prison intelligence, classification and categorization, and importance of safety and security.  ICITAP participation and attendance at the 2022 ACA Conference was a success that bridged relationships and built networks while providing a modern perspective of prison operations.

Updated August 11, 2023