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Indonesia: ICITAP Delivers Anti-Corruption Ethical Policing Peer Counselling Course

From May 29 to 31, ICITAP partnered with the Indonesian National Police (INP) HR Psychology Bureau to conduct a three-day course on peer counselling for Polda (Regional Police) Bali.   The course was taught by instructors from the INP HR Psychology Bureau to 109 participants, 14 of whom were policewomen. During the opening and closing of the training, the 1-star general of the HR Psychology Bureau stated that the Bureau intends to have sufficient counsellors in each Polda. In collaboration with ICITAP, 2,000 additional counsellors have been introduced to Indonesia over the past two years to assist in identifying those who exhibit early signs of mental anguish, possibly leading to corruption, before they become severe. In the first five months of this year, 14 police officers committed suicide, and an additional two officers were located and prevented from carrying out the act. The general surmised that the actual number was more significant than the ones reported. According to the most recent survey conducted by the INP, 45% of the officers required counselling, and 35% were apathetic, primarily due to social and personal issues that directly impacted their police work. Thus, he reiterated to the participants the importance of being proactive in early detection and attentive to their peers. The general also compelled participants to submit follow-up reports on peer counselling-related activities within their jurisdictions.

Updated August 11, 2023