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Kosovo: ICITAP Conducts Intel-led Decision-Making Training for Correctional Service Leadership

On May 17, the ICITAP-Kosovo mission reported that, during April 2021, the ICITAP Correction Intelligence Unit (CIU) team conducted virtual training focused on the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) mid and senior level leadership. Participants included Wardens, Security Chiefs and Headquarter leadership, who were divided into two separate class cohorts. Each cohort attended two half-day virtual sessions, which were presented over a two-week time period. Training concentration included a short review on the history of intelligence in decision-making and the role of intelligence in successful Dynamic Security Operations. Further, the classes received instruction on fundamentals of developing intelligence, to include key concepts and definitions, the Intelligence Cycle, Collection Requirements, and Evaluating and Grading Information and Sources, as well as details on the current CIU project, the team’s progress, its achievements and a review of specific CIU intelligence products. The ICITAP General Corrections Advisor participated during week two, providing the class with personal experiences of successful intelligence operations within a US Corrections facility, from a leadership perspective. A third session is planned for the future, designed to build upon this training, utilizing a scenario-based table-top exercise with intelligence injects and offer the class participants a learning format to reason through the scenario and utilize the intelligence injects to resolve a realistic corrections threat scenario. Developing the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) leadership’s understanding of key concepts, methodologies and best practices for developing and leveraging actionable intelligence in decision-making, is a critical component to implementing a professional CIU.

Updated August 11, 2023