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Philippines: ICITAP Delivers Three Iterations of Best Practices in High Security & Terrorist Detainee Prison Management Training

From September 19 to 29, 2022, ICITAP-Philippines delivered three 3-day iterations of Best Practices in High Security & Terrorist Detainee Prison Management training, to members of the Philippines Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) as well as leadership of the BJMP Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) Center and Directorate of Intelligence. The training instruction was conducted by three terrorism and P/CVE subject matter experts and ICITAP-Philippines’ Senior Corrections Advisor. Training topics included a range of instruction specific to understanding the current threat of terrorism in the South Asia region, best practices in terrorist detainee assessment, evaluation, categorization and classification, case management, ethical leadership, and intelligence unit familiarization. The instructors also led the students through several scenario-based problem-solving sessions that challenged the members of BJMP, to apply their training to resolve the scenarios they were presented. Class participation was consistently enthusiastic and clearly demonstrated each class’s desire to learn and understand the proper application of the lessons learned.  The back-to-back training approach was designed around BJMP’s work duty assignments, to ensure the training of 84 staff members of BJMP in a timely manner. This is part of a U.S. State Department Counterterrorism Bureau-funded initiative.

Updated August 11, 2023