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Ukraine: ICITAP-Trained and Equipped Territorial Community Police Officer Department Resumes Training of New Officers

On June 27, the ICITAP-Ukraine mission provided an update on its implementation of Ukraine’s Territorial Community Police Officer (TCPO) program. With war raging in Ukraine, the critical role of law enforcement and the protection of the Ukrainian public has never been more important.  The ICITAP-trained and equipped TCPO program continues to pivot from traditional law enforcement duties to war time responsibilities, including rescuing civilians trapped in bombed buildings, setting up check points, arresting looters, responding to calls for assistance, and counter-sabotage operations.  Despite the TCPO being fully involved in war time operations, the need to recruit, train, and deploy TCPOs throughout Ukraine remains. ICITAP-Ukraine Leadership recently received the below note and photographs from the TCPO Director: “Dear Colleagues, yesterday, June 20, 2022, the NPU has resumed the training program of TCP officers. As of now, there are 75 police officers who train to become TCPO. The training is scheduled to complete on July 29, 2022. The next wave of 75 officers will start the training on August 1, 2022. The NPU plans that approximately 150 officers will finish the TCPO training by September. The NPU plans to start the training for another 150 officers in September. Below are several pictures from the training.” The optimism, courage, and resilience of the TCPO and all Ukrainian law enforcement is evident and will prevail. In Ukraine, ICITAP works with the support of and in coordination with the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

Updated August 11, 2023