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United States: ICITAP Attends 47th Annual Training Conference and Exhibition for National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE)

From July 21 to July 25, ICITAP’s Engaging Multinational Police Women for Equality and Rights (EMPoWER) Program’s Senior Law Enforcement Advisor (SLEA) attended the 47th Annual Training Conference and Exhibition for the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) in Cleveland, Ohio. The conference theme was “Stronger Together: Reducing and Preventing Crime Through Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations and had over 1500 national and international attendees. During the conference, the ICITAP EMPoWER SLEA attended the CEO luncheon which featured speeches from the Director of the U.S. Secret Service (USSS) and the Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).  Also, the attendees were provided a report by the United States Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center, which focused on Mass Attacks in Public Spaces: 2016-2020. This report included a five-year study analysis of 173 targeted attacks that occurred at public or semi-public locations in the United States, including businesses, schools, houses of worship, open spaces, and other locations where we live our daily lives.  In addition, EMPoWER’s SLEA had the opportunity to meet the USSS Director and the ATF Director after each of their presentations and provided an overview of the EMPoWER program. The SLEA also attended the International Affairs Committees Reception, the CIVIL Rights Luncheon and the Women’s Symposium, as well as the awards luncheon and banquet. In addition to attending these events, the SLEA participated in several workshops that featured current trends and programs in law enforcement. 

Updated August 11, 2023