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CRS Facilitates FEMA Security Grant Session for Jacksonville Faith Leaders

On February 1, 2024, the Community Relations Service (CRS) facilitated the Federal Emergency Management Agency Nonprofit Security Grant Information session with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and a regional faith leaders’ working group. This virtual session provided information to 50 participants.

CRS partnered with Jacksonville faith leaders, Department of Homeland Security staff and City of Jacksonville representatives to schedule additional onsite training sessions — including de-escalation training — for community leaders on February 22, 2024. De-escalation training is designed to equip community leaders with strategies to achieve calm and effective communication, especially in tense situations, using techniques such as attentive listening, thoughtful responding and careful assessment to defuse potential conflicts with compassion and empathy.

Furthering their commitment to community preparedness, CRS conducted a training called “The Power of Hello” on March 7, 2024. This program teaches the use of verbal engagement as a proactive tool for observing and addressing suspicious behaviors. It guides participants through a four-step process: observation, initiating a greeting, assessing any potential risk, and, if necessary, obtaining assistance. This approach empowers community members to play an active role in ensuring their own safety and that of others, based on the premise that vigilant, reasonable individuals are key to detecting and mitigating security threats.

Looking ahead, CRS has scheduled an Active Shooter Training for March 21, 2024, underscoring its ongoing effort to prepare community members for critical response actions during unforeseeable threats.

Expanding Community Impact Through CRS Services

CRS is committed to fostering community resilience and understanding through its four core services: facilitated dialogue, mediation, consultation and training. Learn more about CRS programs and services:

Updated March 19, 2024