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May Day March in Los Angeles

Demonstrators participate in a May Day March in Los Angeles, California.  (May Day Rallies in Los Angeles photo by Grant Slater/Southern California Public Radio. @2013 Used with permission. All rights reserved.)

Since 1964, CRS has aided communities experiencing tension and conflict associated with differences in national origin.  CRS works with law enforcement, educational institutions, civil rights organizations, community groups, area leaders and government agencies to assist communities in resolving conflict and tension stemming from with differences in national origin.  CRS helps aid communities experiencing national origin conflicts by:

  • Assisting law enforcement, community representatives, city officials, and demonstration organizers when protests and counter-protests are planned on immigration and national origin issues;
  • Bringing together administrators, staff, faculty, and students to discuss perceived tensions, incidents of bullying, and perceived hate crimes based on national origin in schools; and
  • Aiding law enforcement, community leaders, and local, state, and federal governmental agencies in discussing perceived inequities and bias-based policing against community members of various national origins and developing policies and procedures for alleviating community tensions.

Below are summaries showing how CRS can assist communities facing conflicts based on national origin.  Additional examples are contained within the CRS Annual Reports, which can be located on the CRS Resource Center webpage.

Case Highlights


Updated November 12, 2015

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