Appendix A

  1. Build/rebuild the curb ramps and sidewalks to provide an accessible route to and from the public transportation stop, the covered dwelling units, public/common use areas, and parking such that any changes in level do not exceed .5" beveled unless constructed as a ramp, and such that the slopes and cross slopes of the routes do not exceed 5% (8.33% for a ramp) and 2% respectively; [Req. 1; ANSI 4.3.7, 4.3.8]
  2. Widen the walkway at the property entrance gate to provide 18" of sufficient maneuvering space on the pull side; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.13.6]
  3. Provide properly mounted signage to indicate accessible parking; [Req. 2; ANSI A4.6.2]
  4. Lower covered dwelling unit mailboxes and parcel boxes such that controls are no higher than 54"; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.2.6]
  5. Reconstruct the overhang above the mailboxes so that the clear headroom is at least 80" above grade; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.4.2]
  6. Remount the drinking fountain in the pool area to provide clear knee space below the fountain of at least 27" x 30" x 17-19"; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.15.5]
  7. Lower the key lock on the north pool gate so that it is 48" above grade; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.13.9]
  8. Replace the light switches in the pool area with controls that do not require tight grasping or twisting to operate and lower these controls to 48" above grade; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.25]
  9. Remount the light fixture in the pool area so that it is 80" above grade, or, replace the light with a fixture that protrudes no more than 4"; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.4]
  10. Correct the path to the pool so that it is 36" wide throughout; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.3.3]
  11. Remove the threshold at the pool showers and re-pave the area to provide a level shower floor and a level maneuvering space at the pool toilet room doors; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.21, 4.22]
  12. Install grab bars and lower or install another fixed shower head at 48" in the pool area roll-in shower; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.21]
  13. Replace the door closers on the pool toilet room doors to comply with the sweep period and force guidelines set out in ANSI 4.13.10 and 4.13.11; [Req. 2]
  14. Raise the landings outside the pool toilet rooms so that they are flush with the inside floor and replace the door thresholds so that they does not exceed .5"; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.13]
  15. Install lever door hardware for the pool toilet room doors; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.13.9]
  16. Replace the rear and side grab bars in the pool toilet rooms so that they are 36" and 42" respectively; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.16.4]
  17. Use off-set flanges to move the water closets in the pool toilet rooms so that the centerline of the water closet is 18" from the side wall>; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.16]
  18. Raise the floor drain in the men's pool area toilet room so that the cross slope of the floor does not exceed 2%; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.5.2]
  19. Adjust the toilet paper dispensers in the men's pool area toilet room so that it is within 36" of the rear wall; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.16.6]
  20. Provide perforated toilet paper in the pool area toilet rooms; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.25.4]
  21. Apply insulation to the hot pipes in the pool area toilet rooms; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.19.4]
  22. Install lever faucets in the pool area toilet rooms; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.19.5]
  23. Install lever controls for the pool area showers; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.21.5]
  24. Install pool area toilet room signs that comply with ANSI 4.28; [Req. 2]
  25. Provide two covered accessible parking spaces; [Req. 2]
  26. Add guardrails in the area below the outdoor staircases so that the underside of the protruding staircase is perceptible; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.4.2]
  27. Install an accessible parking space and in-line curb ramp in front of complex 1; [Req. 2]
  28. Widen the landing at the north gate to provide 12" of clear space on the push side; [Req. 2; ANSI 4.13.6]

  1. Replace the entry door thresholds and install sweeps so that the interior thresholds do not exceed .75"; [Req. 4]
  2. Re-pave the landings outside dwelling unit entry doors so that the change in elevation between the finish floor and the exterior landing is only .5"; [Req. 4(6)]
  3. Widen doors to the bedrooms to provide 32" nominal width; [Req. 3(2)]
  4. Widen doors to the bathrooms to provide 32" nominal width; [Req. 3(2)]
  5. Widen door to the walk-in closet to provide 32" nominal width; [Req. 3(2)]
  6. Widen the hallway to the bathroom to 36"; [Req. 4]
  7. Widen the hallway to bedroom to 36"; [Req. 4]
  8. Widen the accessible route into the laundry closet to 36"; [Req. 4]
  9. Raise the electrical outlets to 15"; [Req. 5]
  10. Lower the thermostats to 48"; [Req. 5]
  11. Provide wing-its and grab bars for all covered unit bathrooms and install upon request; [Req. 6]
  12. Widen the patio door to provide 32" nominal width; [Req. 3(2)]
  13. Widen the kitchen to allow at least 30" x 48" of centered clear floor space to allow frontal or parallel wheelchair approach to all kitchen fixtures; [Req. 7]
  14. Widen the hallway to the kitchen to 36"; [Req. 4]
  15. Provide centered parallel clear floor space of at least 30" x 48" at the lavatory in the bathrooms; [Req. 7(2)]
  16. Re-swing the hall bathroom door to allow adequate clear space in the bathroom beyond the door; [Req. 7(2)]
  17. Lower the threshold at the patio sliding door so that it does not exceed .75"; [Req. 4]
  18. Install lever hardware for all covered unit entry doors; [Req. 2]
  19. Replace the laundry closet door with a pocket door to allow adequate centered clear floor space in front of the refrigerator; [Req. 7]
  20. Provide 60" centered clear floor space for the bathtub; [Req.7]
  21. Widen the area around the water closet to provide an 18" clear space to the side wall and a 15" clear space to the lavatory; [Req. 7]


Raintree Village is committed to the principle of equal housing opportunity. The federal Fair Housing Act requires that the ground-floor units in multi-family housing built for first occupancy after March 13, 1991, as is the case with most of the ground-floor units at Raintree Village, contain certain features of accessible and adaptable design for persons with disabilities. This law was passed in 1988 in part due to the growing elderly population in the United States and the likelihood that close to one-half of persons over the age of 65 will have some type of functional limitation that will affect their mobility.

The features of accessible and adaptable design required by the Act include: (a) public and common use areas that are readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities; (b) doors for passage into and within all premises that are sufficiently wide to allow passage by persons using wheelchairs; (c) an accessible route into and through the dwelling; (d) light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats, and environmental controls in accessible locations; (e) reinforcements in bathroom walls to allow later installation of grab bars; and (f) usable kitchens and bathrooms such that an individual in a wheelchair can maneuver about the space. 42 U.S.C. § 3604(f)(3)(C).

A lawsuit was filed by the United States Department of Justice against the builders and developers of Raintree Village Condominiums due to the inaccessibility of the common areas and certain ground-floors units. That lawsuit, United States v. Raintree Associates Ltd. Partnership, et al., Civ. No. _______________, was settled and the Raintree Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (the Association) is currently in the process of correcting those violations that exist in the common areas at Raintree Village. The funds the Association will use to correct those violations were provided by the builders and developers of Raintree Village and are specifically earmarked for this work. Additionally, as part of the settlement, the Association has agreed, for those who request it, to perform modifications of the interior of your condominium, at no expense to you, if you would like to make your home more accessible. Each household will receive $1,000 for the inconvenience of performing the modifications, should you chose to request them, as well as reasonable relocation expenses should you need to vacate your unit while it is being modified. Depending on your situation and the particular features of your home, the available alterations may include:

  1. Lowering entry door thresholds
  2. Widening interior hallways and doorways
  3. Providing more clear floor space in front of kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  4. Lowering thermostat controls and raising electrical outlets

It is not necessary that you or any member of your household be disabled in order to request these modifications. If you would like to request any of these modifications please contact the Raintree Village Homeowners Association at _____.

The measurements provided in these modifications are those set forth according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines and the 1986 American National Standard for buildings and facilities providing accessibility and usability for people with physical disabilities.


I hereby acknowledge that I have received, read and understand the Consent Order entered in United States v. Raintree Associates Ltd. Partnership, et al.

I agree to act in accordance with that Consent Order. I understand that I should not discriminate against any person in any aspect of the rental of apartment units on the basis of that person's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap or familial status. I understand that if I do discriminate, I will be subject to dismissal or other disciplinary action by my employer.

I have been informed by my employer that it will not reprimand me for providing information to any law enforcement agency (including the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Housing and Civil Enforcement Section - G St., 950 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20530, telephone number (202) 514-4713) or any government official regarding my employer's compliance with the Fair Housing Act and/or the Consent Order.

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