Ladislado Ureste


On April 22, 1953, Ladislado Ureste, a 47-year-old Hispanic resident, was working as a night watchman for a plumbing company in San Antonio, Texas.  At about 10:30 p.m., the night XXXXXXX heard Ureste call “Let me in.”  Upon going to the door, XXXXXX saw that Ureste’s face and arms were bloody and he was covered with dirt.  Ureste reported that two white men had beaten him with long iron chains.  Ureste told XXXXX he did not know the men who beat him but Ureste thought they were union men.  After the beating, the men got into their car and left.  Ureste first asked XXXXX to call the plumbing company to tell them he was quitting because he was afraid to work.  Ureste then asked XXXXX to call the police.

Incident Date: 
Wednesday, April 22, 1953
Case Name: 
Ladislado Ureste
Industry Code: 
Civil Rights Division
Updated October 6, 2016