Descriptions Of Photographic Attachments

ATTACHMENT 1 - A photograph of two of the documents Wilson allegedly took from James Earl Ray's car in 1968.

The first document is a partially torn page from a 1963 Dallas, Texas telephone book, which lists persons with the last name of Hunt. Two pencil entries are handwritten in the upper margin of the partial page: "J" with a surrounding circle, followed by "LA 84775"and "Raul 214-." Immediately following "Raul 214-," the page is torn.

The second document consists of eight lines of handwriting. The first six lines are two columns of handwritten words and numbers. The handwritten number all end with ".00." The last two lines consisting of writing "before 4-15 [unintelligible];" "after Raul X 213."

ATTACHMENT 2 - Diagram of the area surrounding the Lorraine Motel which depicts the location of the motel and buildings on South Main Street including the fire station, rooming house, Jim's Grill and parking lot.

ATTACHMENT 3 - Aerial photograph of the 2-block area surrounding the Lorraine Motel with Main Mulberry and Second Streets running vertically and Huling and Butler Avenues running horizontally.

ATTACHMENTS 4a and 4b - Two photographs of the fire station on Mulberry Street taken by Joseph Louw from his second floor room at the Lorraine, upon hearing the gunshot that killed Dr. King. Each photograph shows several law enforcement officials at the top of the retaining wall behind the firestation, leaping down from the wall, and running down Mulberry Street.

ATTACHMENT 9 - A photographic array consisting of six 3 ¼" X 2 ¼" black and white facial representations which includes a depiction of the New York Raul. >

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