Educational Opportunities Section Cases Sorted By Protected Class

Some selected cases are cited below, sorted by protected class, with links to case summaries, complaints, briefs, settlement agreements/consent decrees, orders, and press releases, as appropriate and available. These cases also are sorted by type (e.g., harassment, higher education, and Title IX) and may be reviewed under those categories by clicking here. While we endeavor to ensure that the electronic copies of the documents on this site are complete and accurate (apart from formatting changes necessitated by the conversion to HTML format), errors or omissions may occur. The official text of any legal document is the version filed with the clerk of the court.

National Origin

  • Lee and United States v. Macon et al. (M.D. Ala.)
          Summary       Consent Decree       Speech
  • M.A. v. Newark Pub. Schs. (D.N.J.)
          Summary       Intervention Brief [PDF]      Opinion*

    *This link connects to the website of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. If you are unable to access or read the pdf files and require a printed version of the document, please contact the Educational Opportunities Section at (202) 514-4092, and a Department of Justice representative will return your call within three business days.

  • Steven L. v. LeMahieu (D. Haw.)
         Summary      Amicus Brief [PDF]      Complaint in Intervention [PDF]      Intervention Brief [PDF]





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Updated August 6, 2015

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