Example: Inadequate Training

Example: Inadequate training of technical personnel leads to underutilization of telephone system's features for blind employees at one agency.

A blind federal employee changed jobs from one federal agency to another. At the first agency, her telephone system had been set up to give her a nonstandard dial tone whenever she had a voice mail message waiting, since she was unable to see the visual notification provided for sighted users. When she moved to another agency, she was told that the new agency did not have this technology. On her own initiative, the employee discovered that the two agencies used similar telephone systems. Technicians from the second agency, when put into contact with technicians from the first agency, found that merely by activating a particular function in the telephone system's software, their blind employees had full access to their voice mail system. The feature had existed for years, but had not been activated. Once activated, the feature helped not only her, but other agency employees who were blind or who had low vision.

Updated August 6, 2015

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