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Airlie House Toilet Facilities
Interim Policy (September 1998 - June 1999)
Purpose: Guidance for all Airlie employees involved in planning activities at Airlie House

Airlie House currently does not have any toilet facilities that are accessible to guests with mobility impairments who are unable to climb stairs. The Airlie Foundation recently entered into a Settlement Agreement with the Department of Justice, resolving a complaint filed by a former guest who alleged that Airlie Conference Center violated the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by failing to provide accessible toilet facilities at Airlie House.

Under the Settlement Agreement, we have agreed to construct an addition to Airlie House that will contain an elevator, fully accessible toilet rooms, an additional conference room, and other amenities (the "Addition"). Because the Addition will not be completed until June of 1999, the Foundation has also agreed to develop policies for ensuring that all guests will be provided with accessible toilet facilities in the interim. The Department of Justice agreed to these interim policies because we have represented to the Department that all Airlie guests with disabilities will have the opportunity to plan their visit to Airlie Center and to arrange in advance for the use of accessible toilet facilities at Airlie House (until the Addition is completed and such arrangements are no longer necessary).

During our customary process for planning guest visits, each Airlie guest is afforded the opportunity to discuss any disability-related modifications he or she needs in order to participate fully in conference and other events. As part of that process, all guests who will be visiting Airlie House must be informed that toilet facilities for individuals with mobility impairments are limited. If appropriate, the guest should be informed that a fully accessible unisex toilet is available on the Second Floor of Airlie House. You must, however, inform the guest that, until the Addition is completed, individuals who are unable to climb stairs will have access to the Second Floor of Airlie House only through the use of a stair climbing machine.

If a guest may need to use the stair climbing machine, you should fully describe the machine and the way it operates to the guest. (Literature describing the lift and its operation is available and can be mailed or faxed to the guest.) Some guests will not be comfortable with the fact that the machine is not attached to a wall. Guests should also be made aware that the machine cannot transport motorized wheelchairs; they must either use a manual chair or transfer to the seat that comes with the machine.

If the guest is unable or prefers not to use the stair climbing machine, please discuss the following options:

    (i) The closest accessible toilet rooms are located in two accessible sleeping rooms at the Farmers House. If the guest is not already staying in one of the two accessible rooms at the Farmers House (or in one of the other accessible guest rooms at Airlie Center), a room can be reserved for his or her use, at no charge. If necessary (that is, the guest does not have an appropriate vehicle or prefers not to drive), Airlie will rent an accessible van or other vehicle to transport the guest between locations. If this option is selected, it is important to coordinate the guest's schedule so that sufficient time is allowed between conference and other activities for transport between buildings; or

    (ii) Airlie can rent an accessible portable toilet room (port-a-john), to be temporarily located adjacent to Airlie House. For example, a portable toilet room could be located next to the door to the Studio, and the Studio could be used as a primary meeting space.

Please convey to our guests that we are willing to work with them to develop the most comfortable and convenient arrangement possible and that we are open to their suggestions. It is essential that all Airlie personnel responsible for making these arrangements familiarize themselves with the facilities currently available and ensure that they are able to describe them clearly to our guests.

Updated August 6, 2015

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