Title VI Civil Rights news @ FCS Fall 2016

Title VI Civil Rights news @ FCS Fall 2016


Dear Colleagues,

October brought a new federal fiscal year, accompanied by anticipation of transition and yet a constancy of focus: to ensure that federal funds do not subsidize race, color, or national origin discrimination. Federal civil rights agencies advance this mission each day through efforts, both routine and exceptional, to dismantle discriminatory policies, and practices, and their invidious effects. 

In this newsletter, Assistant Secretary Catherine E. Lhamon, head of the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, reflects on the robust efforts she and her staff engaged in during fiscal year 2016, and the continued need for federal enforcement and technical assistance so that no student is deprived an opportunity because of discrimination. 

This issue also highlights federal agency action to open up housing opportunities, unemployment services, and the court system to all, regardless of race or national origin. We spotlight investigations, compliance reviews, guidance documents, and litigation. And we underscore that Title VI remains a powerful tool to address racial disparities in the discipline practices of our schools, to tackle bias in policing and emergency response, and to ensure nondiscriminatory access to benefits. 

Just since the August newsletter, the long-term efforts of the remarkable staff at the Federal Coordination and Compliance Section (FCS) have culminated in important guidance, technical assistance, and enforcement. FCS began publishing updated and expanded portions of the Title VI Legal Manual covering key Title VI concepts, including legislative history, the Department of Justice (DOJ) role, and scope of coverage. We also issued multi-agency guidance on Title VI and emergencies, joint guidance on Title VI and child welfare, and a report advancing the important work of ensuring language access to the courts.  Read on, and you will find information on briefs, settlements, and litigation updates as well.

I look forward to continued collaboration to advance our collective mission to ensure that federal funds do not support discrimination.    


Christine Stoneman
Acting Chief
Federal Coordination and Compliance Section
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice

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