Title VI Civil Rights news @ FCS Summer 2016

Title VI Civil Rights news @ FCS Summer 2016


Dear Colleagues,

This summer marks the 52nd anniversary of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – the law enacted to ensure that federal taxpayer funds do not support race, color, and national origin discrimination. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously remarked that “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Reflecting back, we can see progress gained from the early days of Title VI, but know that there is much left to do to fulfill the promise of this law and build upon strategies for halting discrimination in federally funded programs.

Today, agencies take action to advance Title VI proactively by conducting compliance reviews, issuing policy guidance, and engaging in community outreach, as well as achieving systemic change as a result of complaint investigations and litigation. The arc of Title VI enforcement mirrors the nation’s ongoing and new challenges to equal justice. Federal agencies  continue the work of dismantling segregation, discriminatory discipline, and racial harassment, even as we address discriminatory conduct in areas not fully contemplated 50 years ago.  

In this Newsletter, we present some of the latest federal agency efforts to advance Title VI enforcement and compliance. From a significant desegregation victory in Mississippi to the Department of Health and Human Services’ 21st century nondiscrimination regulations to agreements that secure equal access to the court system, agencies are tirelessly working to reflect the kind of society we want for our children and generations beyond. Please read on to find out more about recent Title VI developments.  


Christine Stoneman
Acting Chief
Federal Coordination and Compliance Section
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice

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