Title VI Civil Rights News @ FCS Spring 2016

Title VI Civil Rights News @ FCS Spring 2016


Dear Colleagues,

Our Title VI Newsletter is now available in a robust searchable web-based format! This Spring 2016 issue continues to expand our efforts to share important federal agency action to enforce Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – the law that prohibits race, color, and national origin discrimination by recipients of federal financial assistance. So far, fiscal year 2016 has seen federal agency civil rights offices use Title VI to pursue nondiscrimination in education, policing, refugee resettlement, court access, transportation, worker’s compensation, child welfare, healthcare, environmental justice and other critically important programs and activities funded by the federal government.

Federal civil rights offices use multiple tools to prevent and address discrimination by recipients of taxpayer dollars. In this issue, we highlight litigation in which the United States has asserted Title VI, constitutional, and other claims to address national origin discrimination against Syrian refugees in Indiana and Texas; to bring constitutional policing to Ferguson, Missouri; and to ensure that limited English proficient parents of students with disabilities in Philadelphia are afforded the opportunity to meaningfully participate in the development of their children’s education programs.

This issue also describes civil rights rulemaking and underscores outreach and engagement activities between federal civil rights offices and advocates, recipients, and other stakeholders. And it spotlights several administrative enforcement matters, including voluntary resolutions of Title VI investigations in Washington, Texas, California, and New Jersey. The agreements exemplify the ability to achieve compliance with Title VI through voluntary means.

The Federal Coordination and Compliance Section will offer trainings for federal civil rights agency staff throughout the year and facilitate roundtable interagency discussions as we continue to support Title VI coordination of enforcement, policy, and compliance efforts across the federal government.

Finally, we welcome several new civil rights directors:  Leslie Proll, Department of Transportation; Willisa Donald, FEMA; and Roberto Contreras, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA. I look forward to a year of continued robust engagement with agencies and stakeholders and joint pursuit of justice using the full range of Title VI tools.


Christine Stoneman
Acting Chief
Federal Coordination and Compliance Section
Civil Rights Division
U.S. Department of Justice

Table of Contents

Federal Protections Against National Origin and Religious Discrimination

A listing of agencies and resources addressing national origin and religious discrimination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about public participation in the Title VI work of federal agencies.

Agency Title VI Developments

Agency actions and outreach related to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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