Agency Title VI Outreach and Training

Agency Title VI Outreach and Training



Department of Justice Provides Title VI Training at National Disability Rights Conference:


On June 15, the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Federal Coordination and Compliance Section (FCS) provided training to attorneys and advocates attending the National Disability Rights Network P&A/CAP Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD. The training focused on Title VI obligations of recipients of federal financial assistance, including the requirement to provide meaningful access to limited English proficient (LEP) individuals, recently proposed and final federal non-discrimination regulations, and the Title VI complaint and enforcement process with recent case and enforcement examples.


Department of Justice Engages Local Leaders in Immigrant Welcoming Campaign:


On June 2, FCS provided an overview of basic legal requirements for language access at the local level for the Language Access Technical Assistance Cluster of the White House Building Welcoming Communities Campaign (BWCC). Sponsored by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), BWCC briefing conference calls focused on the topics identified by participating BWCC counties and cities as key concerns and issues in the area of immigrant integration. The calls allowed participants to hear from federal agency representatives and learn about promising practices from other cities and counties. In addition to reviewing the legal requirements, BWCC counties and cities also discussed how to develop effective language access plans that meet the needs of single or multiple agencies. As a starting point, MPI distributed FCS guidance, Common Language Access Questions, Technical Assistance, and Guidance for Federally Conducted and Federally Assisted Programs (, to ensure that all participants have sufficient background in the topic area. 

Department of Justice Co-hosts Bankruptcy Session on “Working with Limited English Proficient Clients”:


On May 22, FCS co-presented a workshop on “Working with Limited English Proficient Clients” at the annual convention of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys in San Francisco, CA. FCS also provided a two-hour Title VI language access training to legal services lawyers and domestic violence non-profit staff on   May 20, at a session hosted by the Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence in Oakland, CA.

Department of Justice Speaks at National Conference on Accessing State Court Interpreters:


On May 14, FCS provided keynote remarks at the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX, addressing access to state court interpreters for LEP individuals. Attendees of the conference included state and federal court interpreters and translators from across the country. 


Department of Justice Participates in Roundtable Discussion on Immigrant Integration:


On May 13, FCS led a roundtable discussion on language access at a White House Regional Convening on New Americans in Dearborn, MI. At this regional convening, approximately 50 federal, state, and local agencies, service providers, the private sector, and local community leaders met to highlight current multi-sector partnerships on immigrant integration and discuss promising practices to strengthen the regional infrastructure in supporting existing and emerging immigrant communities. FCS discussed essential elements of successful language access program planning, including use of demographic and mapping data, and helped agencies strategize how to provide LEP individuals with meaningful access to federally-funded programs and activities. Other federal partners participating in this convening included the U.S. Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the Small Business Administration. This convening is part of a series of regional convenings hosted by the White House Task Force on New Americans (


Department of Justice Promotes Equal Access in State Courts:


On May 11, FCS spoke at the launch of the Justice Index 2016 ( in Chicago, IL. The National Center for Access to Justice ( created the Justice Index to improve access to justice and relies on data to improve state justice systems. 



Department of Transportation and Alabama State University Host Symposium Remembering Montgomery Bus Boycott:


On June 14, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Alabama State University (ASU) hosted a symposium reflecting on the legacy of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Secretary Anthony R. Foxx delivered remarks on how transportation can connect people to opportunity. During his remarks, Secretary Foxx explained how transportation and infrastructure decisions from the 1950s and 1960s displaced poor and minority communities from economic mobility.


“Transportation makes or breaks lives,” stated Secretary Foxx. It is imperative that, when planning new transportation projects, the communities affected by these changes are taken into consideration and not marginalized. Secretary Foxx encouraged attendees to take an active interest in the early stages of development of transportation projects in their communities. The Department of Transportation affirms that “transportation infrastructure should be built by, for, and with the communities served by them.”


The symposium also included a conversation with Fred Gray, the attorney who defended Rosa Parks, ASU President Gwendolyn Boyd, as well as a panel discussion with Stephanie Jones, DOT Chief Opportunities Officer, Leslie Proll, DOT’s Civil Rights Director, Guillermo Mayer, President of Public Advocates who works on transportation equity issues, and Yvette Rivera, Associate Director of DOT’s Civil Rights Office.


For more information and to view pictures from the Symposium, visit the ASU-photos webpage.



Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation Host Diversity and Opportunity Listening Session for Leaders:


On June 8, ED, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and DOT hosted an interagency listening session for education, housing, and transportation leaders at ED’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. to help state and local leaders increase diversity in their schools and communities, and to narrow opportunity gaps. The afternoon session brought together educators, researchers and community leaders with policy experts and leaders from the three agencies to discuss voluntary, community-led strategies to promote increased diversity in schools and neighborhoods. The event included panels on the benefits of diversity, opportunities at the federal level, a case study on diversity work in action, and community planning. Attendees also heard from individuals on the front lines who are doing this work, as well as from senior officials at the three agencies who discussed opportunities to further locally-driven efforts to support diversity.

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Departments of Education and Justice and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Participate in a White House Roundtable on Bullying and Harassment and Publish Fact Sheet on Combating Discrimination:


On June 6, ED’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and DOJ’s Educational Opportunities Section of the Civil Rights Division (CRT) participated in the roundtable on bullying and harassment of Muslim, Arab, Sikh, and South Asian (MASSA) students convened by the White House. This roundtable was a continuation of a series of roundtables the President and White House have hosted with MASSA communities since December 2015. Events such as this highlight the intersection of discrimination based on race and national origin, with discrimination based on religion. ED OCR and CRT enforce Title VI (which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, and national origin) and CRT enforces Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which prohibits discrimination based on, among other things, race, color, national origin, and religion). The offices work together to address discrimination targeting MASSA and Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) students. At the event, ED OCR and CRT announced the release of a fact sheet of examples of harassment and other forms of discrimination impacting the MASSA and AANHPI communities. The fact sheet is available on the OCR and CRT websites in English ( and other languages (

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