Federal Coordination And Compliance Section

 From the U.S. Code Online via GPO Access [wais.access.gpo.gov] [Laws in effect as of January 23, 2000] [Document not affected by Public Laws enacted between   January 23, 2000 and December 4, 2001] [CITE: 42USC5151]                     TITLE 42--THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE                          CHAPTER 68--DISASTER RELIEF    SUBCHAPTER III--MAJOR DISASTER AND EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE ADMINISTRATION   Sec. 5151. Nondiscrimination in disaster assistance   (a) Regulations for equitable and impartial relief operations      The President shall issue, and may alter and amend, such regulations  as may be necessary for the guidance of personnel carrying out Federal  assistance functions at the site of a major disaster or emergency. Such  regulations shall include provisions for insuring that the distribution  of supplies, the processing of applications, and other relief and  assistance activities shall be accomplished in an equitable and  impartial manner, without discrimination on the grounds of race, color,  religion, nationality, sex, age, or economic status.  (b) Compliance with regulations as prerequisite to participation by          other bodies in relief operations      As a condition of participation in the distribution of assistance or  supplies under this chapter or of receiving assistance under this  chapter, governmental bodies and other organizations shall be required  to comply with regulations relating to nondiscrimination promulgated by  the President, and such other regulations applicable to activities  within an area affected by a major disaster or emergency as he deems  necessary for the effective coordination of relief efforts.  (Pub. L. 93-288, title III, Sec. 308, formerly Sec. 311, May 22, 1974,  88 Stat. 150; renumbered Sec. 308 and amended Pub. L. 100-707, title I,  Sec. 105(f), Nov. 23, 1988, 102 Stat. 4691.)                               Prior Provisions      A prior section 308 of Pub. L. 93-288 was renumbered section 305 by  Pub. L. 100-707 and is classified to section 5148 of this title.                                  Amendments      1988--Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 100-707 substituted ``this chapter'' for  ``section 5172 or 5174 of this title'' after ``assistance under''.                    Section Referred to in Other Sections      This section is referred to in section 5174 of this title.   
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