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Filing A Charge

Before you file a charge

Call IER at 1-800-255-7688 if you

  • Want to know if IER is the right office to file your charge
  • Have questions about this form
  • Want to know what happens after you file
  • Want to ask for IER’s help with an employment issue now

File a Charge (in English)

To file a charge electronically

You may complete and submit a charge form electronically by selecting the language of your choice: 

If IER does not have a charge form in your language, you can send us information about yourself and what happened to you in whatever language you prefer.

To file a charge by mail, fax, or email

You may also print and complete one of the PDF versions of the charge form below, and submit it by: email (, fax (202-616-5509), or mail (Immigrant and Employee Rights Section; Civil Rights Division; U.S. Department of Justice, 4 Constitution Square; 150 M Street, NE, Room 7000; Washington, DC 20002)

Filing supporting documents

Should you wish to supplement your charge form with supporting documents or attachments, you may do so by email, mail, or fax, as outlined above. If you have received a reference number from IER, please include that number when transmitting attachments or documents relating to your form.


  • Immigrant and Employee Rights Section Worker Hotline: 1-800-255-7688 ((TTY): 1-800-237-2515
  • IER Overview
  • Report other violations to the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division 


Updated November 7, 2023