Notice to Public United States v. Brinson (D. Nev.)



United States v. Brinson (D. Nev.)

                  APPENDIX D                    



On June 14, 2016, the United States District Court for, the District of

Nevada entered a consent order resolving litigation brought by the United States Department of

Justice in Carson City, Nevada. The litigation alleged that the Defendants, Betty Brinson and

Hughston Brinson, discriminated against residents on the basis on familial status by refusing to

rent to families with children and by placing discriminatory advertisements. The parties have

agreed to this Consent Order to avoid litigation.

Under this Consent Order, you may be entitled to receive monetary relief If you have or

had children In your household and were discriminated against on that basis while residing or

seeking to reside at any of the following properties:

- 704 W. Caroline St.

- 818 N. Minnesota St.

- 916 N. Minnesota St.

- 920 N. Minnesota St.

- 950 N. Minnesota St.

- 360 Bath St.

- 140 E. Park St.

- 144 E. Park St.

- 801 N. Carson St.

- 1421 N. Carson St.

Discrimination may include being turned away from renting because of the presence of

children In your household, or being evicted or threatened with eviction because of the presence

of children in your household.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against, please contact the United States

Department of Justice at 1-800-896-7743, mailbox number 991, or write or send an email to:

United States Department of Justice

Attn: DJ # 175-46-137

Civil Rights Division
Housing and Civil Enforcement Section
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW - G Street
Washington DC 20530
Email address:

*** You must call or write no later December 6, 2016 to be eligible for compensation, and your telephone message or letter must include your name, address, and, if possible, at least two telephone numbers where you may be reached.





Updated August 19, 2016

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