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Guidance Documents

Guidance on School EnrollmentEspañol (Spanish) 

Fact SheetEspañol (Spanish) 

Questions and Answers for States, School Districts and Parents and Community MembersEspañol (Spanish) 

Guidance to Ensure Equal Opportunities for English Learner Students

Other Resources


Español (Spanish) | Kreyòl ayisyen (Haitian Creole) | Tagalog (Tagalog) | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)  

Español (Spanish) | Kreyòl ayisyen (Haitian Creole) | Tagalog (Tagalog) | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)  

Fact Sheet: Confronting Discrimination Based on National Origin and Immigration Status

العربية (Arabic) | 简体字 (Chinese - Simplified) | 簡體字 (Chinese – Traditional) | فارسی (Farsi) |Kreyòl ayisyen (Haitian Creole) | پښتو (Pashto) |Soomaali (Somali) | Español (Spanish) | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)  

Fact Sheet: Confronting COVID-19 Related Harassment in Schools

မြန်မာစကား (Burmese) | 简体字 (Chinese - Simplified) | 簡體字 (Chinese – Traditional) | Hakha Chin (Hakha Chin)日本語 (Japanese) | ကညီကျိာ် (Karen) | ខ្មែរ (Khmer) | 한국어 (Korean) | ພາສາລາວ (Lao) | Tagalog (Tagalog) | ไทย (Thai) | Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Fact Sheet: Combatting Discrimination Against Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Muslim, Arab, Sikh, and South Asian Students

العربية (Arabic) |  বাঙালি/বাঙ্গালী (Bengali) | မြန်မာစကား (Burmese) |  ខ្មែរ (Cambodian) 简体字 (Chinese - Simplified) | 簡體字 (Chinese - Traditional) | Hakha Chin | Hmoob (Hmong) | 한국어 (Korean) | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (Punjabi) Soomaali (Somali) | Tagalog (Tagalog) | اُردُو (Urdu) Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Webinars and Videos

Webinar: Equity in the Classroom – The Pandemic and Access to Education for Immigrant and English Learners

On September 14, 2022, the Civil Rights Division’s Educational Opportunities Section and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights co-moderated a virtual panel discussion, bringing together researchers, former school administrators, and advocates to explore the impact of the pandemic on English Learner and immigrant students, and potential ways to address their needs going forward.  The panelists included:

  • Amaya Garcia - Deputy Director of PreK–12 education with the Education Policy program at New America
  • Martha Hernandez -- Executive Director of Californians Together
  • Susana Cordova -- Superintendent-in-Residence at Transcend
  • Elliott Tait -- Education Unit Head at South Carolina Legal Services in Charleston

Video: Departments of Justice and Education Mark 40th Anniversary of Plyler v. Doe

On June 15, 2022, AAG Kristen Clarke and Catherine E. Lhamon, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, marked the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Plyler v. Doe, which held that all children, regardless of their or their parents’ immigration status, had a right to enroll in their local public schools. This video highlights the ongoing efforts of the Departments of Justice and Education to preserve the promise of Plyler, and provides resources for those who believe their rights are being denied.

Updated June 27, 2023