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NEW  Limited English Proficiency Interactive Poster Tool
NOTICE OF LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE Create Your Own Poster and Language Notification Cards!!

In this interactive section of the website, you can choose the languages that are most frequently encountered by your program or activity and create your own poster that says: "If you do not speak or understand English well, we will provide language assistance" in each of those languages. This poster can be used in your reception area or other areas where LEP individuals have contact with your program.

You can also create cards that, in addition to the above statement, include the statement: "Please point to your language" in several different languages. These cards can be used by caseworkers, police officers, intake staff, or others to allow limited English proficient individuals to point to their language in addition to notifying them of the language assistance policy.

Just click on the languages you want added to the English language version of the poster and/or cards, and you can add that language to a document that you can download and print.

Each file is a PDF document that will open with Adobe Acrobat software.  Once the file is open, click on the "select text " button or, in some cases, "select image" button. Highlight the desired phrase and "right click."  Then select "copy to clipboard".  You will  then be able to insert the phrase into a  Wordperfect or Word document.

To Create a Poster or Notice/Language Identification Card that says:

"If you do not speak or understand English well, we will provide language assistance."

" Please point to your language."

in several languages, follow these simple instructions.

The phrase: "If you do not speak or understand..."  appears on line 1. The phrase: "Please point to your language" appears on line 2.   Please note that the some language translations such as Arabic do not include numerals.  In this instance, the phrases will simply appear on two different lines rather than being numbered. 

The name of the language will also appear in both English and in the language. Please note that Chinese is one written language but has several different dialects, the most frequently encountered of which have been listed for purposes of identification of oral language interpretation needs.

Click on the languages to the right

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Please click on the desired languages below: 












Punjabi West




Vietnamese vni

Vietnamese vps






More languages coming soon!

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Updated August 6, 2015

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