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United States v. Chirag Choksi et al.


Conspirators at an Indian call center used automated, previously recorded calls, commonly referred to as “robocalls,” to initiate contact with victims.  These robocalls usually contained messages designed to create a sense of urgency with the call recipient, including threats of serious legal problems, usually criminal in nature, that required immediate action in order to avoid drastic consequences, including arrest and/or significant financial penalties.  Victims would be instructed to stay on the line or to call a particular number. Eventually victims would speak with one or more live persons, who used a variety of scripts incorporating different fraud schemes to persuade victims to send money via wire money transfer and/or the mail or private interstate commercial carrier shipments.

Case Open Date
  • Shehzadkhan Khandakhan Pathan
  • Pradipsinh Dharmendrasinh Parmar
  • Sumer Kantilal Patel
Industry Code(s)
  • None
Updated September 2, 2021