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DOJ Strategic Plan at a Glance

Goal 1: Uphold the Rule of Law

1.1 Protect Our Democratic Institutions

Strategy 1: Reaffirm and Strengthen Policies Foundational to the Rule of Law

Strategy 2: Protect the Justice Department from Improper Influence

Strategy 3: Protect Public Servants from Violence and Threats of Violence

Strategy 4: Protect the Public Fisc from Fraud on Government Programs

Strategy 5: Combat Foreign Interference in Democratic Processes

Strategy 6: Ensure Effective Oversight and Public Accountability

1.2 Promote Good Government

Strategy 1: Achieve Department Management Excellence Through Innovation

Strategy 2: Foster a High-Performing Workforce that Represents the Public We Serve

Strategy 3: Implement Department-wide Data and Technology Modernization

Goal 2: Keep Our Country Safe

2.1 Protect National Security

Strategy 1: Combat Foreign Malign Influence

Strategy 2: Counter Foreign Espionage

Strategy 3: Prevent the Theft of Technology and Intellectual Property

Strategy 4: Protect Sensitive Assets 

2.2 Counter Foreign and Domestic Terrorism

Strategy 1: Deter, Disrupt, and Prosecute Terrorist Threats

Strategy 2: Strengthen Federal, State, Local, Tribal, and International Counterterrorism Partnerships

2.3 Combat Violent Crime and Gun Violence

Strategy 1: Target the Most Significant Violent Crime Problems

Strategy 2: Enhance Partnerships with Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Law Enforcement

Strategy 3: Invest in Community-Based Programs to Prevent Violence

2.4 Enhance Cybersecurity and Fight Cybercrime

Strategy 1: Deter, Disrupt, and Prosecute Cyber Threats

Strategy 2: Strengthen Interagency, Intergovernmental, International, and Private Sector Partnerships

Strategy 3: Safeguard Justice Department Systems

Strategy 4: Enhance Cyber Resilience Outside the Department

2.5 Combat Drug Trafficking and Prevent Overdose Deaths

Strategy 1: Disrupt and Dismantle Drug Trafficking Organizations

Strategy 2: Reduce Deaths and Addiction Driven by Drug Crime

Strategy 3: Expand Access to Evidence-Based Prevention and Treatment

2.6 Protect Vulnerable Communities

Strategy 1: Promote and Improve Programs for Victims of Crime

Strategy 2: Combat Gender-Based Violence

Strategy 3: Protect Children from Crime and Exploitation

Strategy 4: Fight Elder Fraud, Abuse, and Exploitation

Strategy 5: Promote Safety and Justice in Indian Country

Strategy 6: Protect Communities from Hate Crimes

Goal 3: Protect Civil Rights

3.1 Protect the Right to Vote

Strategy 1: Enforce Federal Laws that Protect Voting Rights

Strategy 2: Safeguard Fair Elections

Strategy 3: Increase Ballot Access for Eligible Voters

3.2 Combat Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Strategy 1: Enforce Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

Strategy 2: Deter and Prosecute Hate Crimes

Strategy 3: Leverage Resources to Prevent Hate Crimes

Strategy 4: Support State and Local Partners in Combating Discrimination and Hate

3.3 Reform and Strengthen the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Systems

Strategy 1: Promote Trust Between Communities and Law Enforcement

Strategy 2: Improve Law Enforcement Transparency and Accountability

Strategy 3: Reform Charging and Sentencing Practices

Strategy 4: Promote Innovation and Reform in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice System

3.4 Expand Equal Access to Justice

Strategy 1: Increase Justice System Accessibility

Strategy 2: Accelerate Justice System Innovation

Strategy 3: Safeguard Justice System Accountability

3.5 Advance Environmental Justice and Tackle the Climate Crisis

Strategy 1: Implement a Comprehensive Strategy to Advance Environmental Justice

Strategy 2: Implement a Comprehensive Strategy to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Goal 4: Ensure Economic Opportunity and Fairness for All

4.1 Reinvigorate Antitrust Enforcement and Consumer Protection

Strategy 1: Investigate and Prosecute Violations of the Antitrust Laws

Strategy 2: Promote Competitive Markets

Strategy 3: Reinvigorate Consumer Protection

4.2 Combat Corruption, Financial Crime, and Fraud

Strategy 1: Deter and Prosecute Corporate Crime

Strategy 2: Combat Public Corruption

Strategy 3: Combat Corporate Corruption and Advance International Anti-Corruption Efforts

Goal 5: Administer Just Court and Correctional Systems

5.1 Administer an Equitable and Efficient Immigration Court System

Strategy 1: Reduce the Backlog of Immigration Cases

Strategy 2: Advance a Fair, Equitable, and Efficient Immigration Adjudication System

Strategy 3: Improve Public Confidence in Immigration Courts

5.2 Maintain a Safe and Humane Prison System

Strategy 1: Ensure the Health, Safety, and Wellbeing of Incarcerated Individuals and Correctional Staff

Strategy 2: Fully Implement the First Step Act and Ease Barriers to Successful Reentry

Strategy 3: Ensure Transparency, Accountability, and Effective Oversight of All Federal Prisons and Detention Centers