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A Message from the Attorney General

Merrick B. Garland Attorney General

The responsibilities of the Department of Justice are broad in scope.  Every day, we work to uphold the rule of law; to keep our country safe from all threats, foreign and domestic; and to protect civil rights.

What follows is a plan that organizes the Justice Department’s wide-ranging responsibilities into five strategic goals that will guide our work over the next four years:

I. Uphold the Rule of Law

II. Keep Our Country Safe

III. Protect Civil Rights

IV. Ensure Economic Opportunity and Fairness for All

V. Administer Just Court and Correctional Systems

This plan also includes the objectives and strategies the Department will pursue to advance each of these five overarching goals, as well as performance indicators to measure our progress.  Taken together, this strategic plan provides a comprehensive approach to guide the activities of every Justice Department component and ensure that we continue to fulfill our responsibilities to the American people.

Over the course of the four tours of duty I have served here at the Justice Department, I have had the privilege to serve in both career and non-career positions, and to work alongside attorneys, agents, and staff in every component and across the width and breadth of this country.  I have been – and continue to be – inspired by the dedication and integrity with which the professionals of this Department work every single day to fulfill its mission. 

Achieving these goals will require hard work and determination, but I have the utmost confidence in our ability to do so together.

Merrick B. Garland
Attorney General of the United States