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Strategic Goal 1: Uphold the Rule of Law

The Justice Department’s success depends upon the trust of the American people.  That trust must be earned every day.  As the Attorney General has reaffirmed, the Justice Department’s first core priority – upholding the rule of law – is rooted in the recognition that, to succeed and retain the trust of the American people, the Justice Department must adhere to the norms that have been part of its DNA since Edward Levi’s tenure as the first post-Watergate Attorney General.  Those norms – of independence from improper influence; of the principled exercise of discretion; and of treating like cases alike – define who we are as public servants.  In addition, exceptional public service requires high-quality management, functional support systems, and a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Agency Priority Goal: Combat Pandemic Fraud
To uphold the rule of law and preserve public trust in government programs, the Department will enhance its efforts to protect the public fisc from fraud, waste, and abuse.  By September 30, 2023, the Department will (1) seek restitution in at least 90% of applicable criminal cases concerning COVID-19 related fraud; and (2) increase the percentage of COVID-19 related fraud cases favorably resolved to 90%.

Enterprise Risks

  • Exploitation of democratic institutions and processes
  • Threats against public servants
  • Building trust
  • Impact of technology
  • Data collection and analysis limitations
  • Coordination challenges
  • COVID-19 pandemic-related challenges
  • Existing structural impediments
  • Talent pipeline for a diverse workforce

Learning Agenda