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Strategic Goal 4: Ensure Economic Opportunity and Fairness for All

A fair economy is foundational to the American dream.  Fraud, theft, corruption, bribery, environmental crime, market manipulation, and anticompetitive agreements threaten the free and fair markets upon which our economy is based.  They decimate the assets of individuals, organizations, and governments alike, and they increase costs for every American.  Corporate crime also weakens our economic institutions by undermining public trust in the fairness of those institutions.  In its pursuit of fair markets, the Department will help ensure that all companies compete by the same rules; that tax dollars flow to their intended recipients; and that corporate crime is deterred, detected, and prosecuted.

Agency Priority Goal: Reinvigorate Antitrust Enforcement and Consumer Protection 
To ensure economic opportunity and fairness for all, the Justice Department will reinvigorate both antitrust enforcement and consumer protection by aggressively challenging anticompetitive mergers and exclusionary practices, and by prosecuting price-fixing and allocation schemes that harm consumers, workers, and businesses alike.  By September 30, 2023, the Justice Department will enhance its efforts to ensure economic opportunity and fairness by: (1) increasing the number of formalized partnerships with federal, state, and international partners by 90% above the FY 2021 baseline; and (2) implementing 100% of the policy measures suggested in Presidential Executive Orders on competition, including Executive Order 14036; and (3) engaging those who have experienced firsthand the effects of mergers and acquisitions – including consumers, workers, entrepreneurs, farmers, and independent businesses – in 100% of federal judicial districts as part of the Division’s public inquiry aimed at strengthening enforcement against illegal mergers by modernizing federal merger guidelines. 

Enterprise Risks

  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Impact of technology
  • Data collection and analysis limitations
  • Coordination challenges
  • Building trust
  • Changes in the legal landscape

Learning Agenda