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Strategic Goal 5: Administer Just Court and Correctional Systems

Administering the federal prison system and immigration courts are among the Department’s most solemn responsibilities.  Prison serves as a necessary deterrent to and consequence of criminal behavior, but it also provides an opportunity to prevent recidivism through rehabilitation and reentry programs that successfully reintegrate formerly incarcerated individuals into communities.  Similarly, the rule of law requires that the immigration laws be enforced, but justice requires that this enforcement be humane and compassionate.  In both realms, the Department strives to demonstrate the professionalism, integrity, and respect that are the Department’s hallmarks.

Agency Priority Goal: Improving Efficiency in Immigration Adjudication
The Justice Department is committed to ensuring the fairness of, and improving the efficiency of, the immigration court system.  By September 30, 2023, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) will: (1) decrease median case completion time by 25% from a FY 2021 baseline of 947 days; and (2) reduce the vacancy gap for immigration judges to 5% from a FY 2021 baseline of 12%.

 Enterprise Risks

  • Impact of technology
  • Building trust
  • Need for community support
  • Changes in the legal landscape
  • Data collection and analysis limitations
  • Staffing
  • COVID-19 pandemic-related challenges
  • Threats to prison security

Learning Agenda