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MDT Announcements

MDT Announcements

Building Trust and Traction
EJI Webinar: March 9th, 2018
MDT Member Recruitment and Retention: Building Trust and Traction

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In the News




Needs Assessment Survey: Identified Needs and Proposed Solutions
October 11, 2017

239 people provided insights into elder abuse MDTs nationally by responding to our web-based survey. Our report includes a summary of the most commonly identified needs, as well as our ongoing and anticipated efforts to assist those interested in creating, growing, or sustaining elder abuse case review MDTs. 

Needs Assessment Survey: Identified Needs and Proposed Solutions


Needs Assessment Survey
Closes August 7th, 2017 COB

The Elder Justice Initiative’s, Elder Abuse MDT TAC has created a needs assessment survey to gather feedback from elder abuse MDTs nationally. Our goal is to determine what assistance is most needed by those seeking to create, grow, or sustain elder abuse case review MDTs. This web-based survey is anonymous, should take about 5 minutes to complete and is shareable by copying and pasting the link into an email.

The shareable survey can be found here: https://survey.max.gov/528455

Your feedback is valuable and will shape the services and resources offered by the MDT TAC.


New MDT Guide and Toolkit Launches
May 5, 2017

The Elder Justice Initiative (EJI) has launched the new Multidisciplinary Team Guide and Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed for anyone looking to create or grow a local elder abuse MDT, regardless of their experience with MDTs. The web-based Toolkit is enhanced for use on mobile devices and contains easy-to-download PDF sample documents and citations.

Take a look and try out the Toolkit now!


Domestic Violence Report (DVR)
April 27, 2017

The Elder Justice Initiative is pleased to announce the publication of an article regarding the launch of the MDT Technical Assistance Center in the Domestic Violence Report (DVR). The DVR is a leading professional report devoted exclusively to innovative programs, legal developments, and current services and research in domestic violence law and prevention. Kelly Weisberg, Ph.D., J.D. serves as Editor and Julie Saffren, J.D. serves as Associate Editor.

The article: Elder Justice Initiative Launches Multidisciplinary Technical Assistance Center, highlights the services and resources available to anyone looking to create or grow an elder abuse case review MDT nationally. A case vignette is provided to illustrate the intersection of elder abuse and domestic violence, and show the complexity of elder abuse cases, speaking to the need for a multidisciplinary intervention for optimal case outcomes.

The abstract can be viewed on the Civil Research Institute website
 where you can also purchase a copy of the article or subscribe to the Domestic Violence Report.


Launch of the MDT TAC
October 25, 2016

The Elder Justice Initiative is excited to announce the launch of the elder abuse case review Multidisciplinary Team Technical Assistance Center (MDT TAC). Our mission is to provide tools, resources, and individualized consultations to facilitate the expansion of elder abuse case review multidisciplinary teams across the nation.


While there are many successful MDT models, our focus is on helping those who wish to create, grow, or sustain an elder abuse case review MDT. This focus furthers the department’s broader elder justice goals specifically by aligning with several recommendations of the Elder Justice Coordinating Council: supporting the investigation and prosecution of elder abuse cases; enhancing services to elder abuse victims; and promoting cross-disciplinary training on elder abuse.


We are live! To learn more about the services we are offering, or to schedule a consultation please visit the MDT TAC webpage, or contact Talitha Guinn-Shaver.

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MDT Webinars



MDT Cross Training for Prosecutors
Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 2:00pm ET

Registration and Info is Coming Soon!!


MDT Member Recruitment and Retention: Building Trust and Traction
March 9, 2018

The Elder Justice Initiative (EJI) hosted a webinar on Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Member Recruitment and Retention: Building Trust and Traction.

Presented by Maro Casparian, Director of Consumer Protection at the Denver District Attorney’s Office; Linda Loflin Pettit, Manager of Community and Government Relations for the Prosecution and Code Enforcement Section for the City and County of Denver; and Sgt. T.J. Blair of the Denver Police Department, this webinar highlights real-world solutions from Denver's Forensic Collaborative for At-Risk Adults, an elder abuse case review MDT.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the best practices for recruitment and ongoing engagement of team members.
  • Exploring real-world examples of relationship- and trust-building strategies.
  • Discovering new MDT Guide and Toolkit documents, including a recruitment letter and statement of need.

View Webinar 

Runtime: 1:01:12  

Assessing Cognitive Capacity In Elder Abuse Cases
August 21, 2017

Talitha Guinn-Shaver, MDT Technical Advisor, Elder Justice Initiative, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC, hosts a discussion with Bonnie Olsen, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, Vice Chair, Academic Affairs, Department of Family Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Alhambra, CA. 

This webinar is offered to all professionals who work on elder abuse MDT’s to better understand the issue of decisional capacity. Dr. Olsen will provide several contexts where decisional capacity is central to case formulation and resolution. She will present the components of a good assessment with examples of how to collect and integrate relevant information. Lastly, the importance of maintaining a client-centered orientation will be discussed so that MDT’s maintain an awareness of the need to balance the client’s self-determination with the need for protection. Through this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize situations where decisional capacity is relevant to elder abuse case management and resolution
  • Identify the factors that should be considered in evaluating an older adults’ decisional capacity
  • Understand the importance of maintaining a client-centered orientation when assessing decisional capacity

View Webinar 

Runtime: 48:57  


From Good to Great: Developing Strong Elder Abuse Multidisciplinary Teams
July 10, 2017

Talitha Guinn-Shaver, EJI MDT Technical Advisor, hosts a discussion featuring Lori Delagrammatikas and Mary Twomey, MSW, to help you tackle communication challenges, understand and overcome common collaboration barriers, and provide tips and tools to help strengthen your team. The discussion also highlights resources available to you in our MDT Guide and Toolkit.

Topics include:

  • Common barriers to effective collaboration
  • Overcoming collaboration challenges
  • Facilitation tips for Coordinators

View Webinar

Runtime: 1:01:25


A Walk Through the MDT Guide and Toolkit
May 30, 2017

The Elder Justice Initiative announced the launch of our new Multidisciplinary Team Guide and Toolkit. The toolkit is designed for anyone looking to create or grow an elder abuse MDT in their area, regardless of their experience with MDTs. The web-based toolkit is enhanced for use on mobile devices and contains easy to download PDF sample documents and citations.

Talitha Guinn-Shaver hosts a live walk through the toolkit in our upcoming webinar, covering topics including:

  • Layout and usability
  • Highlights from each chapter
  • Questions and feedback

View Webinar

Runtime 1:01:00
View PowerPoint


Fill in the Blanks: A Webinar for Elder Abuse Case Review MDTs at Any Stage of Development
April 24, 2017

A conversation with elder abuse MDT coordinators who have made it happen; Allison Granata, LMSW, Lifespan of Greater Rochester, Inc., Kelly Burnett, Deputy Attorney, City of Richmond, VA, and Talitha Guinn-Shaver, EJI MDT Technical Advisor about real problems and how to make an elder abuse case review MDT work.

Fill in the blanks – identify the challenges facing your MDT and move forward to find success. We will discuss diverse MDT models, common barriers, give tips for advancing your project, and answer YOUR questions.

View Webinar

Runtime 1:00:08
View PowerPoint

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Social Media




NCEA Blog 
January 4, 2017

The Elder Justice Initiative wrote a blog post for the Center for Digital Aging, announcing launch of the MDT TAC and describing the no-cost services available for anyone looking to start or grow an elder abuse case review MDT.

Read the blog.

Twitter Chat
January 19, 2017

On Thursday, 1/19/17, 17 participants joined the #NCEAnow chat to discuss the launch of "The Multidisciplinary Team Technical Assistance Center." The chat received over 560,000 impressions! Participants joined from Canada, Washington D.C., New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and California.

#NCEAnow chats are hosted by The National Center on Elder Abuse(@NCEAatUSC) and Ageless Alliance (@AgelessAlliance). These chats promote open discourse on topics related to elder abuse and elder justice and feature experts in the field as special guests. For more information and updates, follow @NCEAatUSC on Twitter.

Read the Storify Transcript


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