T. R. Roosevelt Dam, Arizona. Courtesy of Bureau of Reclamation (DOI).

As part of its function of generally supporting the environmental crimes effort, the Section does a good deal of work on policy and legislation, which includes:
  • recommending new statutory provisions,
  • reviewing and commenting upon bills,
  • helping to prepare congressional testimony,
  • developing policies and guidance for attorneys working within this area (for example the global settlement policy and parallel proceedings policy), and
  • improving the means by which matters of policy and legislation are disseminated to those involved with environmental crimes investigations and prosecutions.

Much of that work is conducted by the Section's Senior Counsel in cooperation with the Division's Law and Policy Section.  The Section's legislative and policy products may be directed to Congress, to other sections within the Division or to other federal or state government agencies.  The work often involves direct meetings with representatives of other parts of government, including congressional staffs.

Updated May 27, 2015

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