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*/ National Advocacy Center, South Carolina.
From the Section’s earliest incarnation, a major part of its mission has been the training of others in the environmental crimes specialty – prosecutors, agents, technical personnel.  ECS has a special expertise in this business and, by spreading knowledge to others, can increase the resources available to combat environmental crimes.

Training efforts by ECS attorneys take a variety of forms.  ECS hosts an annual Environmental Crimes Seminar at the Department of Justice’s National Advocacy Center (NAC) in Columbia, South Carolina.  In addition to that course, Section attorneys:

  • have developed and executed specialized training programs (for example, vessel pollution training),
  • are called upon as faculty for training programs given by the regional environmental organizations of state and local government, and
  • provide training for its law enforcement, including the EPA, FBI and other agencies, as well as for representatives of foreign governments.

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Updated April 13, 2015

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