U.S. V. BP Products N. Am.

*/ Doyon rig 14 at the site of the Mount Elbert Gas Hydrate Stratigraphic Test Well in the Milne Point Unit on the North Slope of Alaska (photo courtesy of the Mount Elbert Scientific Research team). Through USGS.
Photograph shows several trucks and equiptment in the process of cleaning up oil spills from an oil transit line leak in Alaska.In October, 2007, British Petroleum Exploration (Alaska), Inc. (“BPXA”), an international pipeline company, and several of its subsidiaries pled guilty to Clean Water Act violations related to two separate leaks from oil transit lines.   The leaks were the result of BPXA’s failure to heed repeated red flags and warning signs that its pipeline had suffered significant internal corrosion.   The first leak resulted in more than 200,000 gallons of crude oil spreading over two acres of tundra, reaching and contaminating a lake.  This spill was the largest to ever occur on the North Slope.  The second leak was quickly discovered and limited to approximately 1,000 gallons of oil, but led to the shut down of Prudhoe Bay oil production on the eastern side of the field.   For these unlawful actions, BPXA was sentenced to pay a $12  million fine, $4 million as community service payment to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and $4 million as restitution.
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October 25, 2007
British Petroleum to Pay More Than $370 Million in Environmental Crimes, Fraud Cases
British Petroleum and several of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay approximately $373 million in fines and restitution for environmental violations stemming from a fatal explosion at a Texas refinery in March 2005, leaks of crude oil from pipelines in Alaska, and fraud for conspiring to corner the market and manipulate the price of propane carried through Texas pipelines, the Department of Justice announced today.

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