U.S. V. Emery Worldwide Airlines

An EPA worker, wearing Level A protection gear, samples barrel to determine its contents. Courtesy of EPA.

This case developed as part of the Environmental Crimes Section´s Hazardous Materials Initiative.  Emery Worldwide Airlines specialized in shipping heavy cargo by air and land, including hazardous materials.  An investigation, initiated after an Emery employee notified authorities, uncovered evidence showing that the company was shipping hazardous materials without providing notification to pilots, as required by regulations.   Such notification is required to ensure that materials are properly packaged and stored on the aircraft, and that the pilot will be capable of handling any emergency or incident that may arise in connection with the transportation and handling of such materials. Despite knowledge that pilots were not being alerted to the presence of hazardous materials on their aircraft, the company did not immediately take constructive steps to correct the problem.  After pleading guilty to 12 felony violations of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, the company was sentenced in December 2003 to pay a $6 million fine.



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December 19, 2003
Emery Worldwide Airlines Sentenced for Multiple Violations of the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Tom Sansonetti, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Departmentç—´ Environment and Natural Resources Division and Gregory G. Lockhart, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, announced today that Emery Worldwide Airlines, Inc. has been sentenced for multiple violations of the Hazardous Material Transportation Act. U.S. District Judge Walter Herbert Rice ordered Emery to pay the maximum $6 million fine ($500,000 for each of the 12 counts) and placed the company on probation for three years.


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