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US Government Reports

US Department of State
Library of Congress - Congressional Research Service (CRS)
  • Australia: Background and U.S. Relations - May 2020
  • Australia: Fires Highlight Government’s Climate Challenge - March 2020
  • Australia’s Strategic Posture: Issues for Congress - October 2020
  • The “Quad”: Security Cooperation Among the United States, Japan, India, and Australia - November 2020
  • New Developments in the United States’ Strategic and Defense Ties with Australia - September 2021
  • Australia - October 2019
Library of Congress - Law Library of Congress (LLOC)
  • Family Reunification Laws in Selected Jurisdictions - July 2014


Non-Government Organization Reports


Country Maps
Election Guide
Freedom House

Human Rights Watch

  • “He’s Never Coming Back” People with Disabilities Dying in Western Australia’s Prisons – Sept. 2020
  • Fading Away” How Aged Care Facilities in Australia Chemically Restrain Older People with Dementia - Oct 2019
  • “I Needed Help, Instead I Was Punished” Abuse and Neglect of Prisoners with Disabilities in Australia - Feb. 2018
  • By Invitation Only: Australian Asylum Policy - December 2002
International Displacement Monitoring Centre
  • Disaster Displacement In Asia And The Pacific - Sept. 2022
Minority Rights Group International
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

Amnesty International BBC
Freedom House Human Rights Watch
Updated December 13, 2023