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US Government Resources

U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Labor
US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)
Library of Congress
Library of Congress-Congressional Research Service (CRS)
  • Azerbaijan and Armenia: The Nagorno Karabakh Conflict - Jan. 2021


Foreign Government Resources

Canada Immigration & Refugee Board Reports
  • AZE106203.E - Azerbaijan: The Republican Alternative (REAL or ReAl) Party, including leadership, activities, and membership; treatment of members by authorities (2016-November 2018) - November 2018
  • AZE106064.E - Azerbaijan: Whether individuals are required to replace identity documents that include an address, such as identity cards, driver licenses, military cards, and work books, after a change of address; consequences for not replacing these documents (2017-February 2018) - Feb 2018
  • AZE105989.E - Azerbaijan: Security procedures prior to boarding an international flight; whether authorities require a list of passengers for international flights (2015-September 2017) - September 2017
  • AZE105829.E - Azerbaijan: Exit procedures and documents required for citizens leaving the country; whether passports are scanned and interviews are conducted by customs officials; whether persons wanted by authorities are able to leave the country legally or without difficulty (2015-January 2017) - June 2017
  • AZE105774.E - Azerbaijan: The Future Azerbaijan Party (FAP), including leadership, activities, and office locations; information on membership cards, including description and designated signing authority; treatment of members by authorities (2014-March 2017) - March 2017
  • AZE105726.E - Azerbaijan: Whether the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) provides membership documents, including identification cards and letters; appearance of such documents (2015-January 2017) - January 2017
  • AZE105680.E - Azerbaijan: Requirements and procedures for individuals born in the country in the late 1970s to obtain citizenship, if they departed the country in the early 1990s (2015-November 2016) - November 2016
  • AZE105538.E - Azerbaijan: compulsory military service, including requirements and exemptions; penalties for evasion or desertion (2011-May 2016) - June 2016
International Displacement Monitoring Centre
  • Disaster Displacement In Asia And The Pacific - Sept. 2022

Non-Government Organization Reports

Amnesty International
  • Child And Young Human Rights Defenders Leading Human Rights Change Submission To The UN Special Rapporteur On Human Rights Defenders - Nov. 2023
Country Maps
Election Guide
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
  • Harassed, Imprisoned, Exiled: Azerbaijan’s Continuing Crackdown on Government Critics, Lawyers and Civil Society - October 2016
  • Tightening the Screws - September 2013
  • “They Took Everything from Me” Forced Evictions, Unlawful Expropriations, and House Demolitions in Azerbaijan’s Capital - February 2012
  • Beaten, Blacklisted, and Behind Bars: The Vanishing Space for Freedom of Expression in Azerbaijan - October 2010
  • Crushing Dissent - April 2004
  • Azerbaijan: Impunity for Torture - August 1999
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

 Amnesty International BBC
Freedom House Human Rights Watch
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