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US Government Reports

U.S. Department of State
Library of Congress - Congressional Research Service (CRS)


Foreign Reports

Canada Responses to Information Requests (RIRs)
  • CAN201659.E - The Living Stone Assembly, Living Water Assembly, Living Water Rue Assembly, Pentecostal Living Water North Assembly, including activities and beliefs; procedures for baptism, certificate of baptism, including content and appearance, requirements and procedures for issuance, and samples; presence in Ontario, including individual congregations (2021–September 2023) - Sept. 2023
  • ZZZ201290.E - Bangladesh, Canada, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and United States: Registration procedures and documents of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at (AMJ) [Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC), Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA)] in Canada, the US and the UK, particularly for Ahmadis of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin (2020–December 2022) - Jan. 2023


Non-Government Reports

Amnesty International
  • Americas: No future without courage: Human rights defenders in the Americas speaking up on the climate crisis - Nov. 2023
  • Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world’s human right - Mar. 2023
  • Any tidal wave could drown us – Stories from the climate crisis - Nov. 2022
  • Write for Rights 2019 Campaign Report - Apr 2020
  • Elimination of Discrimination Against Women - Nov 2019
  • Follow-up Submission to the UN - March 2019
Country Maps
Election Guide
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
  • My Fear is Losing Everything”, The Climate Crisis and First Nations’ Right to Food in Canada - Oct 2020
  • I Didn't Feel Like a Human in There: Immigration Detention in Canada and its Impact on Mental Health - June 2021
  • “Bring Me Back to Canada” - June 2020
  • Those Who Take Us Away: Abusive Policing and Failures in Protection of Indigenous Women and Girls in Northern British Columbia, Canada - Feb. 2013
  • Abusing the User: Police Misconduct, Harm Reduction and HIV/AIDS in Vancouver - May 2003
  • Trading Away Rights: The Unfulfilled Promise of NAFTA's Labor Side Agreement - Apr. 2001
Minority Rights Group International
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

Amnesty International BBC
Freedom House Human Rights Watch


Updated December 13, 2023