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US Government Reports

U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Labor
Congressional Research Services
Library of Congress
Library of Congress - Law Library of Congress (LLOC)
  • Family Reunification Laws in Selected Jurisdictions - July 2014


Foreign Government Resources

Canada Responses to Information Requests (RIRs)
  • ZZZ201445.E -  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, and Uruguay: Rights of citizens of countries belonging to the Southern Common Market (Mercado Común del Sur, MERCOSUR) to residence, employment, and education in other MERCOSUR countries (2021–April 2023) - April 2023


Non-Government Organization Reports

Amnesty International Profiles
  • Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world’s human rights - Mar. 2023
  • A maze with no way out: Sexual violence, pregnancy and impunity for girls in Paraguay – December 2021
  •  They are girls, not mothers: Steps to ending sexual violence against children and adolescents and forcing girls into motherhood in Paraguay – December 2021
Country Maps
Election Guide
Freedom House
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

Amnesty International BBC
Human Rights Watch Freedom House
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