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South Africa

US Government Reports

U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Labor
United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)
  • Apostasy, Blasphemy, and Hate Speech - Intersection of Blasphemy and Hate Speech in Africa - Dec. 2019
Congressional Research Reports (CRS)
  • South Africa: Current Issues, Economy, and U.S. Relations - Sept. 2020
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Impact in Africa - April 2022
  • South Africa: Current Issues, Economy, and U.S. Relations - July 2020
  • Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Impact in Africa - May 2020
  • South Africa: Current Issues, Economy, and U.S. Relations  - Sept. 2020
Library of Congress
Library of Congress - Law Library of Congress (LLOC)
  • Family Reunification Laws in Selected Jurisdictions - July 2014


Foreign Government Reports

Canada Responses to Information Requests (RIRs)
  • Situation of white South Africans, including treatment by government and society; state protection available to white South African victims of violence; information on the white South African community, as well as political and/or rights groups - May 2013
  • Treatment by society and authorities of black Africans of foreign origin who are citizens or permanent residents; state protection available - Apr. 2018
UK Home Office


Non-Government Organization Reports

Amnesty International
  • Amnesty International Report 2022/23: The state of the world’s human rights - Mar. 2023
  • Southern Africa: SADC Must take decisive action on COVID-19 vaccine access at Summit - August 2021
  • Southern Africa needs assistance: An open call to the regional and international community - June 2021
  • Southern Africa: Promoting & protecting the rights of persons with albinism: A manual for national human rights institutions - June 2021
  • Failing to learn the lessons? The impact of COVID-19 on a broken and unequal education system - Feb. 2021
  • “Treated like furniture” Gender-Based Violence And COVID-19 Response In Southern Africa – Feb. 2021
  • The State of African Regional Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms 2019-2020 - Oct. 2020
  • Barriers to Safe and Legal Abortion in South Africa - Jan. 2017
  • Smoke and Mirrors - Lonmin’s failure to address housing conditions at Marikana, South Africa – Aug. 2016
Country Maps
Election Guide
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
  • World of Events: 2023
  • "The Forever Mines" Perpetual Rights Risks from Unrehabilitated Coal Mines in South Africa - July 2022
  • World Report Events of: 2021
  • “They Have Robbed Me of My Life” Xenophobic Violence Against Non-Nationals in South Africa - Sept. 2020
  • Why Sex Work Should Be Decriminalized In South Africa - Aug. 2019 (PDF)
  • “We Know Our Lives Are in Danger” Environment of Fear in South Africa’s Mining-Affected Communities - Apr. 2019
  • "We'll Show You You're a Woman" Violence and Discrimination against Black Lesbians and Transgender Men in South Africa - Dec. 2011
  • “Stop Making Excuses” Accountability for Maternal Health Care in South Africa – Aug. 2011
  • Ripe with Abuse Human Rights Conditions in South Africa’s Fruit and Wine Industries – Aug. 2011
  • No Healing Here Violence, Discrimination and Barriers to Health for Migrants in South Africa  - Dec. 2009
  • Unequal Protection: The State Response to Violent Crime on South African Farms - Aug. 2001
  • Scared at School: Sexual Violence Against Girls in South African Schools - Mar. 2001
  • A Question of Principle: Arms Trade and Human Rights - Oct. 2000
  • "Prohibited Persons": Abuse of Undocumented Migrants, Asylum-Seekers, and Refugees in South Africa - Mar. 1998
  • Violence against Women and the Medico-Legal System - Aug. 1997
  • Violence Against Women in South Africa: State Response to Domestic Violence and Rape - Nov. 1995
  • Threats to a New Democracy: Continuing Violence in KwaZulu-Natal - May 1995
  • Impunity for Human Rights Abuses in Two Homelands: Reports on KwaZulu and Bophuthatswana - Mar. 1994
  • Prison Conditions in South Africa - Feb. 1994
  • "Traditional" Dictatorship: One Party State in KwaZulu Homeland Threatens Transition to Democracy - Sept.1993
  • Half-Hearted Reform: The Official Response to the Rising Tide of Violence - May 1993
  • Accounting for the Past: The lessons for South Africa from Latin America - Oct. 1992
  • Ciskei: Ten Years on Human Rights and the Fiction of "Independence" - Dec. 1991
  • Out of Sight: The Misery in Bophuthatswana - Sept. 1991
  • The Killings in South Africa: The Role of the Security Forces and the Response of the State - Jan. 1991
International Crisis Group
  • How South Africa Can Nudge Zimbabwe toward Stability – Dec. 2020
Minority Rights Group International
  • State of the Worlds Minorities - 2016, 2015
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Fact sheet on the breakdown of refugees, aslyum-seekers and IDPs in Southern Africa (as of April 2023) - July 2023
World Health Organization


Country Profiles

Amnesty International BBC
Freedom House   Human Rights Watch
Updated December 18, 2023