Part VI - Operating Policies and Procedures Memoranda

All Operating Policies and Procedures Memoranda (OPPM) remaining in effect were issued prior to 2018. Thus, technical details throughout the documents in this Chapter reflect the period of the documents' enactments and may not represent current terminology. Such details include, but are not limited to, references to types of immigration proceedings, citations, contact information, and EOIR technology systems. Unless context indicates otherwise, any such references in the OPPM should be read to refer to the most current terminology.

Operating Policies and Procedures Memoranda

OPPM 84-1 (PDF) Case Priorities and Processing

OPPM 84-9 (PDF) Processing Hearing Transcriptions

OPPM 88-9 (PDF) Courtroom Security 

OPPM 93-1 (PDF) Immigration Judges Decisions and Orders 

OPPM 96-6 (PDF) Arrests by INS Officers in or near Immigration Court Facilities 

OPPM 97-2 (PDF) Notices of Immigration Judge Hearings (Interim) 

OPPM 97-3 (PDF) Procedures for Credible Fear and Claimed Status Reviews (Interim) 

OPPM 97-7 (PDF) Procedures for Identifying Potential Battered Spouse/Battered Child Cases 

OPPM 97-8 (PDF) Naturalization Oath Ceremonies

OPPM 98-2 (PDF) Guidelines for Recording Immigration Hearings (Replaces OPPM 83-3) 

OPPM 99-5 (PDF) Implementation of Article 3 of the UN Convention Against Torture

OPPM 01-01 (PDF) Immigration Court Evaluation Program

OPPM 03-06 (PDF) Procedures for Going Off-Record During Proceedings (Supplements OPPM 98-2)

OPPM 04-08 (PDF) Contact Interpreter Services (Replaces OPPM 04-05)

OPPM 05-02 (PDF) Procedures for Issuing Recusal Orders in Immigration Proceedings

OPPM 05-03 (PDF) Background and Security Investigations in Proceedings Before Immigration Judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals 

OPPM 05-04 (PDF) Security Guidelines in Detention Facilities

OPPM 09-01 (PDF) Classified Information in Immigration Court Proceedings (Replaces OPPM 98-10)

OPPM 09-02 (PDF) Protective Orders and the Sealing of Records in Immigration Proceedings (Replaces OPPM 02-02)

OPPM 10-01 (PDF) Procedures for Handling Requests for a Stipulated Removal Order

OPPM 17-03 (PDF) Guidelines for Immigration Court Cases Involving Juveniles, Including Unaccompanied Alien Children

OPPM 17-04 (PDF) Applications for Cancellation of Removal or Suspension of Deportation that are Subject to the Cap

OPPM 18-01 (PDF) Change of Venue (Replaces OPPM 01-02)

Updated April 2, 2021