Part VII - Memoranda

This section includes Director's Memoranda (DM) and Policy Memoranda (PM).

List of EOIR Director's Memoranda

DM 22-01 (PDF) Encouraging and Facilitating Pro Bono Legal Services

DM 22-02 (PDF) Updated Guidance on EOIR's Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak 

DM 22-03 (PDF) Administrative Closure

DM 22-04 (PDF) Filing  Deadlines in Non-Detained Cases

List of EOIR Policy Memoranda

PM 19-01 (PDF) New Format for Memoranda and Cancellation of OPPMs

PM 19-05 (PDF) Guidance Regarding the Adjudication of Asylum Applications Consistent with § INA 208(d)(5)(A)(iii)

PM 19-06 (PDF) Internal Reporting of Suspected Ineffective Assistance of Counsel and Professional Misconduct

PM 19-07 (PDF) Identifying and Reporting Fraud and Abuse

PM 19-08 (PDF) Acceptance of Notices to Appear and Use of the Interactive Scheduling System

PM 19-09 (PDF) OCAHO Case Completion Goals

PM 19-10 (PDF) Policy for Public Use of Electronic Devices in EOIR Space

PM 19-11 (PDF) "No Dark Courtrooms"

PM 19-13 (PDF) Use of Status Dockets

PM 19-14 (PDF) Allegations of Misconduct by EOIR Adjudicators and Ex Parte Communications

PM 20-02 (PDF) Administrative Review of Recognition and Accreditation Determinations

PM 20-03 (PDF) Child Advocates in Immigration Proceedings

PM 20-05 (PDF) Legal Advocacy by Non-Representatives in Immigration Court

PM 20-06 (PDF) Section 7611 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020, Public Law 116-92

PM 20-07 (PDF) Case Management and Docketing Practices

PM 20-09 (PDF) The Immigration Court Practice Manual and Orders

PM 20-11 (PDF) Filings and Signatures

PM 20-12 (PDF) Adjudicating Applications for CNMI Resident Status and Extending the Asylum Application Bar for Certain Persons in the CNMI

PM 21-01 (PDF) Guidelines for the Implementation of the Settlement Agreement in Mendez Rojas v. Wolf

PM 21-03 (PDF) Immigration Court Hearings Conducted by Telephone and Video Teleconferencing

PM 21-06 (PDF) Asylum Processing

PM 21-13 (PDF) Continuances

PM 21-14 (PDF) Rulemakings and Federal Court Orders

PM 21-15 (PDF) Adjudicator Independence and Impartiality

PM 21-16 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 20-01

PM 21-17 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 21-05

PM 21-18 (PDF) Revised Case Flow Processing Before the Immigration Courts

PM 21-19 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memoranda 19-02 and 19-03

PM 21-20 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 19-12

PM 21-21 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 20-04

PM 21-22 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 21-09

PM 21-23 (PDF) Dedicated Docket

PM 21-24 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 21-10 and Information on EOIR Fees and Fee Waivers

PM 21-25 (PDF) Effect of Department of Homeland Security Enforcement Priorities

PM 21-26 (PDF) Migrant Protection Protocols and Motions to Reopen

PM 21-27 (PDF) Terminology

PM 21-28 (PDF) Cancellation of Policy Memorandum 21-07 and New Method for Updating Adjournment, Call-Up, and Case Identification Codes


Policy Memoranda (PM) that served the sole purpose of rescinding previous Operating Policies and Procedures Memoranda (OPPMs) are not included in the Policy Manual. The absence of those documents does not reverse their effect, and any policies canceled by those PM remain canceled.

PM 20-16, OCAHO Settlement Officer Program, has been incorporated into the OCAHO Practice Manual. Accordingly, it is not included as a separate document in the Policy Manual.

Updated December 27, 2021