Legal Orientation Program

Since 2003, EOIR has carried out the Legal Orientation Program (LOP) to improve judicial efficiency and assist all parties in adult detained removal proceedings – unrepresented detained adults, the immigration court, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the detention facility.

Experience has shown that the LOP has had positive effects on the immigration court process: detained individuals make wiser, more informed, decisions and are more likely to obtain representation; non-profit organizations reach a wider audience of people with minimal resources; and, cases are more likely to be completed faster, resulting in fewer court hearings and less time spent in detention.

Through the LOP, representatives from nonprofit organizations provide comprehensive explanations about immigration court procedures along with other basic legal information to large groups of detained individuals. The program is normally comprised of four components:

  • Group Orientation, which provide an interactive general overview of immigration removal proceedings, forms of relief, and is open to general questions
  • Individual Orientation, where unrepresented individuals can briefly discuss their cases with experienced LOP providers and pose more specific questions
  • Self-help Workshops, where those with potential relief or those who wish to voluntarily depart the country, are provided guidance on specific topics (such as how to complete an asylum application or prepare for a bond hearing), and given self-help legal materials
  • Referral to Pro Bono Legal Services, where available

EOIR manages the LOP through a contract with the Vera Institute of Justice and local subcontracting legal service organizations to provide program services.

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Updated November 16, 2016

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