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Chapter 2 – Access EOIR

2.3 – Legal Orientation Program

The Legal Orientation Program (LOP) provides information about immigration court procedures, and other basic information, to groups of detained noncitizens.  These programs are not legal advice and should not be considered a substitute for seeking and obtaining legal counsel.  There are four components of the LOP, none of which constitute the provision of legal advice:

1) Group orientation - This general overview of immigration removal proceedings and forms of relief is open to noncitizens regardless of representation status and allows for general questions.

2) Individual orientation - This component provides an opportunity for unrepresented individuals to have a private conversation with a service provider with the intent of providing the individual with generally applicable information to more specific questions without rendering legal judgment or providing legal advice.

3) Self-help workshops - This component provides noncitizens with general guidance on specific topics and ensures access to self-help legal materials.

4) Referral to Pro Bono Legal Services - Referrals to no-cost legal providers may occur as need and available providers are available.

The general LOP does not reduce an individual’s detention time or length of proceedings, nor does it increase representation rates for detained noncitizens.  EOIR manages the LOP through a contract to provide program services. For more information about LOP, please visit the EOIR website.