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Chapter 8 – Fraud and Abuse Prevention Program

(a) Overview

The Fraud and Abuse Prevention Program (Fraud Program) provides a submission process for complaints regarding issues of immigration fraud, including immigration scams.  The Fraud Program takes actions to address these issues within EOIR.

(b) Referrals

The Fraud Program also makes referrals to law enforcement or disciplinary authorities where appropriate.  Relatedly, the Fraud Program supports fraud and unauthorized practitioner investigations, prosecutions, and disciplinary proceedings initiated by local, state, and federal law enforcement and disciplinary authorities.

(c) Training

The Fraud Program also provides training for EOIR personnel, outreach materials, and education for the public on these issues.  The Fraud Program works in collaboration with EOIR’s Attorney Discipline Program.

(d) Additional Information

For more information about the Fraud Program, including information about submitting a complaint, scam alerts, and further resources, please visit EOIR’s website.