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Shared Practice Manual Appendices

Appendix O - Immigration Court Adjournment Codes

EOIR primarily uses adjournment, call-up, and case identification codes for tracking case information in the Case Access System for EOIR (CASE) (or any successor case management system).  The immigration judge is responsible for making the reason(s) for any adjournment or call-up date clear on the record.  Court administrators and court staff are responsible for accurately entering each applicable adjournment, call-up, or case identification code into CASE.  The assistant chief immigration judge for each immigration court is responsible for ensuring that codes are used appropriately and entered accurately into CASE. 

EOIR continually reviews its adjournment, call-up, and case identification codes and updates or modifies those codes as circumstances warrant.  The tables below set forth codes used to track the case hearing process. An image of codes organized by category is also available.

Adjournment Codes with Definitions & Clock Status
Code Definition Clock Status
01 Respondent to seek representation Stops
1A Case transferred from non-detained to detained docket Runs
1B Case transferred from detained to non-detained docket Runs
02 Preparation - respondent/attorney/representative Stops
03 Preparation - DHS Runs
3A IJ detail Runs
04 DHS or DHS administrative file unavailable for hearing Runs
4A Technical malfunction (not video) Runs
4B Interpreter must leave Runs
4C Interpreter appeared but wrong language or dialect Runs
4E ROP missing Runs
4F Telephonic interpreter unavailable Runs
5A Hearing advanced by respondent/attorney/rep. motion Neutral
5D Hearing advanced by DHS motion Neutral
7A DHS application process - respondent initiated Runs
8A* IJ completion prior to hearing Stops
8B* IJ completion at hearing Stops
09 Respondent in custody (DHS/HHS/IHP) not presented Runs
9A Docket Management (Postpone hearing) Runs
9B Docket Management (Advance hearing) Neutral
9C Docket Management (Case moved/Off-Calendar) Runs
9V Vacated master calendar hearing Runs
10 Notice sent/served incorrectly Runs
11 Other no-show by respondent/respondent's attorney or rep. Stops
12 Other respondent/respondent's attorney/representative request Stops
13 Insufficient time to complete hearing Runs
17 MC to IC - merits hearing Runs
22 Respondent or Rep. rejected earliest hearing Neutral
25 To allow for scheduling of priority case Runs
26 Respondent request for an in-person hearing Runs
27 DHS request for an in-person hearing Runs
28 IJ determined and in-person hearing is necessary Runs
30 Consolidation with family members Runs
31 RC to SC merits hearing Runs
32 Interpreter not ordered Runs
33 Interpreter ordered, but FTA Runs
34 IJ leave Runs
36 Respondent delayed records/fingerprint check Stops
44 Cooperating witness/law enforcement Runs
45 Joint request of both parties Runs
46 Video malfunction Runs
47 New Charge filed by DHS Runs
48 Interpreter appeared but disqualified Runs
59 Court closure/postponement Runs
61 Appointment of Qualified Representative Runs
62 Competency Runs
64 IJ reassignment Runs
66 DHS delayed due to biometrics Runs
67 IJ has a public speaking engagement Runs
68 IJ Attending a CLE course Runs
74 Public Health (illness of the parties) Runs
99 Data entry error Runs
F4 FERM resets Runs
PD Prosecutorial Discretion Runs
RD Reserved decision suspension/cancellation Runs
RO Reset order Runs
RR Reserved decision Runs
T4 T42 resets Runs
TQ Placed in trial queue Runs

*The EAD clock runs when this adjournment code is used for a decision granting a change of venue.


Call-Up Codes
Code Definition
AB Respondent/Attorney/Representative to file brief (not appeal)
DD Decision of the IJ is delayed due to extenuating circumstances during a continued detention review hearing
DS Status docket
IA Interlocutory appeal filed by DHS to appeal the denial of a motion for protective order
IB DHS to file brief (other than for appeal)
MR Pending IJ response to motion or request - motion for change of venue; motion for termination; request for continuance, etc.
OA Off Calendar Initiative Response - Respondent agreed to go Off Calendar
OB Off Calendar Initiative Response - DHS agreed to go Off Calendar
OC Off Calendar Initiative Response
OD Off Calendar Initiative Response - DHS opposed to go Off Calendar
OR Off Calendar Initiative Response - Respondent opposed to go Off Calendar
RA Relief Applications
RC DHS to provide records checks
RI DHS to file response to Reset Order
RO Respondent/Attorney/Representative to file response to Reset Order
RR Reserved Decision
SA Respondent/Attorney/Representative to file supporting documents
SI DHS to file supporting documents
SR Pending State Department response to asylum application
WP Written Pleadings


Case Identifiers
Code Definition
4M NTA not filed within 120 days of EPRD
AL Al Otro Lado Litigation
AM Pilot AMI
AO Asylum Office Rule
AU Address Unknown
BR Brito Class Action Litigation
C1 Central America 2018
CD Civil Detention Hearing
CF Caseflow Management Process
DD Dedicated Docket
DS Status Docket
EC SEP-C (for child)
EM Electronic Monitoring
EP SEP-P (for parent)
FA Family Units
FL Franco Litigation
FM Family Expedited Removal Management
HC Home Curfew
IR Interim Final Rule
MP Migrant Protection Protocol
MR Medez-Rojas Case
OC Off Calendar Initiative
PB EOIR Pro Bono Representation
PG Pangea Legal Services
PL Padilla Class Members
PO Protective Order
PP Presidential Proclamation Case
PT Pre-Trial/Hearing
RD Reserved Suspension Decision
RO Reset Order Work Flow
SR Stipulated Removal
SX Stipulated Removal Order - Denied
TM Triage Master
UP UPM Grace Period
VG Vangala Settlement