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ICPM Table of Changes


Section Amended Date of Change Nature of Change
Chapter 5.10(c) October 25, 2023

Revised Motion to Change Venue provision to mirror regulatory language.

Chapters 1.5, 7.4, 10.6 October 25, 2023 Made typographical and other minor corrections.
ICPM June 20, 2023 Revised links to regulations and other websites for accuracy and consistency.
ICPM June 20, 2023 Updated regulatory citations for accuracy and made typographical corrections throughout.
Chapter 3.4 June 20, 2023 Revised to reflect current regulatory language, amended regulatory citations, and outlined the process to file a Form EOIR-26A, Fee Wavier Request, with the immigration court.  
Chapter 4.2 June 20, 2023 Revised language discussing DHS failures to prosecute.
Chapter 4.16(i) June 20, 2023 Clarified process for obtaining post-order instructions on USCIS website.
Chapter 5.7(e)(1) June 20, 2023 Consistent with regulation, clarified standard for a motion to reopen based on changed circumstances.
Chapter 7.4(b)(1) June 20, 2023 Consistent with regulation, revised list of individuals eligible for expedited removal under INA § 235(b)(1).

Chapter 7.4(b)(5)

June 20, 2023 Consistent with regulation, revised list of individuals who, in certain circumstances, may be placed into asylum-only proceedings
Chapter 13.1 June 20, 2023 Updated EOIR address.
ICPM November 14, 2022 Provisions related to practice before EOIR have been updated throughout.  The updates principally reflect changes to practice before EOIR made by DOJ's final rule "Professional Conduct for Practitioners - Rules and Procedures, and Representation and Appearances."
Chapter 3.1(b)(1)(B) August 26, 2022 Revised default filing deadlines for non-detained respondents.
ICPM August 26, 2022

Relocated the Immigration Court Practice Manual (ICPM).

Updated formatting and terminology throughout.

Made the ICPM available in a downloadable and searchable PDF format.

Updates to the ICPM will be reflected in:
  - the web version and

  - a simultaneously released updated PDF version.