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EOIR Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

To provide for the fair, efficient, and consistent interpretation and application of

immigration law.



Serving Justice and Guaranteeing Due Process for All.

Core Values


Equal Justice under the Law. EOIR must administer and interpret immigration laws and regulations efficiently and consistently to ensure fairness and due process for all. Agency staff will treat those who appear before its tribunals with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Commitment to Excellence. EOIR is committed to excellence and seeks to provide the highest level of service to those who appear before its tribunals.

Integrity and Ethical Behavior. EOIR adjudicators and staff are committed to upholding high standards of integrity and ethical behavior.

Teamwork. EOIR staff work as members of a team to further the goals and objectives of the agency. While EOIR values differences among individuals, and respects differing views among the components, EOIR is one agency moving in a unified direction. EOIR’s leaders recognize that its employees are its most important resource and are committed to providing opportunities for individual growth and development.