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EOIR’s Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Objective 2.2: Prioritize Personnel Development and Employee Training

Training and personnel development are critical for employee morale and professionalism. Well‑trained and well-developed personnel are indicative of a high-functioning organization. EOIR is committed to ensuring that all employees have access to training resources at both the headquarters and field levels. 

Table 8. Objective 2.2 Strategies and Lead Components

Supports DOJ Strategic Objective(s)

Objective 2.2 Strategies

Lead EOIR Component(s)

1.2, 3.4., & 5.1

1. Continue to ensure adequate training resources (people, processes, and technology) exist for employees to improve performance and develop relevant skills.

All Components

2. To promote career mobility and professional development, provide detail and other opportunities to employees to refine and develop their skills, while also meeting operational needs across EOIR

All Components

3. Bolster and standardize employee training and mentoring across all positions at headquarters and in the field, for both new hires and current employees. Provide current IJs and AIJs the time and resources to provide on-the-job training for newly hired IJs and AIJs.

All Components

4. Ensure any employee who has an identified need for further training has access to training resources for the opportunity to improve their performance.


5. Continue to support flexible work schedules, including remote work and telework, consistent with  Department policies.