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EOIR’s Goals, Objectives, and Strategies

Objective 3.1: Ensure EOIR Components have Ongoing Communication with the Office of Information Technology

Effective communication between OIT and all EOIR components is critical to improving court processes. EOIR leadership prioritizes strong communication, not only to convey policies or operational information, but also to foster a sense of community. It is critical for the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to cultivate and maintain a forward leaning communications approach toward other EOIR components. The CIO should focus on strategic and enterprise-level messaging with the components such as educating and socializing component leadership on new and additive technologies and capabilities. The CIO should also strive to keep the other components apprised of developments and trends within its workforce, especially regarding initiatives designed to improve the office work environment. The goal of this approach should be to enhance espirit de corps not just within OIT, but EOIR at large. Further, EOIR wants to ensure that employees’ voices are heard. Employee feedback provides valuable insight into both operations and morale, identifying potential high-value areas for improvement.


Table 11. Objective 3.1 Strategies and Lead Components

Supports DOJ Strategic Objective(s)

Objective 3.1 Strategies

Lead EOIR Component(s)

1.2 & 5.1

1. Improve the accessibility of the OIT service desk for day-to-day service requests while maintaining comprehensive IT security.


2. Continue prioritizing a robust dialogue throughout the process whereby components request new functionality or products from OIT. Strengthen collaboration with partners external to EOIR.


3. Improve the time between an EOIR employee request to OIT and the completion of the request.


4. Ensure availability and accessibility of technology training to support all EOIR staff.